My introduction

Hello. Thank you very much for accepting me to join the Poetry Marathon! It is my first participation in such a challenge! I hope this challenge to help me gain more courage and stimulate me into being more creative! One poem per hour is a lot! I think it’s a great way to get someone started to writing poetry. I hope to make some good poems during the day.

I did study literature during my school and university days, yet I believe it was high time I started getting more creative and wrote my own poems.

One step I took into this direction was when I started writing haiku in August 2014.

I hope I get to know the other members as well as their creations during this challenge. Reading the others’ work and learning from them is as important as creating your own.

I am from Romania. I was born there in 1983. I graduated from the University of Bucharest where I studied English and French and now I am an English teacher at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest.

With so much technology that we can use nowadays it is great we can join such challenges and groups where we can practice our creativity.

Thank you once again and good luck to all poets!

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