Hour Five: The Park

Author’s Note: I don’t have a location special to me, that I haven’t visited in many years so I can’t really do the prompt. However, I can write about a place that is special to me, that I have visited recently. So here it goes. Enjoy.

At the park,

I can both

reminisce about easier times

and focus on the present,

swinging away my problems.


The swings are my designated spot.

Up and up I go.

Down, down I go.


It’s one of the only times

I truly feel invincible.

Like I’m flying

without a care in the world once again.


The wind whispers,

making the trees sing

and soothing my mind.


Even though the traffic outside the park roars,

I can forget for a moment that all that hustle and bustle

is a part of my world,

and at last, I can be free.


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