The Covering

As I watched my children sitting underneath the umbrella

I wanted to take a picture

As thoughts of them being covered came to me

Thoughts of they are covered when I am not there

Because I have failed to cover them when I was there

Sending up blessings, smells, incense, thoughts, prayers, blood, emotions, feelings, vibrational healing, protectiveness

Cover them

Florida water, stones and crystals, my intentions, my actions, my Accountability and Responsibility


Cover them Ancestors, Mama Universe, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father God, Jesus

Cause even though I no longer believe or better yet agree, like I once did

My husband still does

And our children deserve that covering of

What we know

To be with them throughout their life

So they can live

And so they can fulfill their mission, their duty in this life

Whatever it might be

And wherever it may lead

They’ll be good, great, fantastic, excellent, wonderful fine

No matter what

In the end

Because they are covered

Because of The Covering

That is on, over, below, out, and inside of them


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved



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