Hour 9 Prompt – The View From Inside

Referring to first image in the given prompt.


I am a bird in a gilded cage,

I look astonishingly at the sky,

I try to understand deep within me,

How does it feel to fly?

The chirping of the birds flying over the lake,

High in the sky,

Makes me feel sad,

And I almost cry.

I want to open the cage,

And experience ecstasy and freedom,

I want to touch the seven colours of the rainbow,

Or on the oldest tree in the backyard

I want to make my little nest of life;

Someday I want to get drenched in the rain,

Someday I want to struggle

To just quench my thirst in the summer sun.

I want to live the cycle of life,

From spring to autumn, how does it feel to fly?

This is not my home,

It makes me feel claustrophobic all the time,

My dreams are locked in this cage,

I can only notice the changing colours and lights in the sky, 

They always fascinate me

And make me dream of flying high.

I hope my misery comes to an end,

And I am soon set free to fly high,

More of us birds will flock together,

We will migrate from one place to another,

Some will die of hunger,

Though living a life of freedom.

I die daily,

Caged in a place where I can only cry.

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