To Find You

I look for you.
A status on a timeline.
I look for you and your stories.
I search for you among
The masses,
Hoping to find you are well.

I think of you when a picture comes up.
I laugh and reminisce
About when we were in love.

I look for you to find what could have been
And what was are for the best.
Your heart did better with another.

I look for you in a sea of what is a web
To verify,
I made the right choices.
I look for you,
In love.

My Mystery

Meeting you was a joy.
A heart, a smile, laughter,
And peace.
Pushed away,
By you.

You understood my dark
And sent me joy to
Help me survive.

We weren’t what we could be
But we what we needed to be.

One day, we can be more
But for now, we are memes,
Gifs, videos, and pics.
We are more than the texts and
We are vast,
Like the universe.
A mystery.

I Lived

Danced with the devils,
Sat with some angels,
And I found my soul.

I found my yesterdays,
And my todays,
Possibly my tomorrow.
Filled with joy,
With each of them.

I sang to the moon,
Cried to the trees,
But I lived.
And a mixture of both,
Created my world,
And brought me to my loves.

Twisted Truths

A series of unfortunate events
Turned love
Bitter hate.
And setups.
Create a fire so massive,
Love cannot
Live here

She cries for him,
He moves on from her.
A beautiful tragedy
In life.
Emails are the new paper trail.
Logged in apps
The new PIs.
And all we do
Is search for the
Lies over truth,
Hate over love,
Instead of searching
For the beauty of
And the moon.
We look for the ugly
In it all.
And she found it,
In twisted truths.

Tools of Love

Click the button,
Close out the app,
Swipe through pictures,
And add your profile.
Finding love has become
A crazy thing,
With hearts and
And being flirty.

Loving him,
Kissing her
Chatting and messaging.
The chaos of
Modern Love.

Apps to talk face to face,
Texts to email
Are all new additions
In the process of courting.

Finding him or
Or them
Isn’t as simple as
Meeting and dating.
Is amplified
To a thousand.

A Kiss of the Wind

She locked herself away,
In sadness
Over him.
This never was,
Is a never will be
And her heart broke
A million times
When they spoke his name.

She had this idea,
About him.
This idea
About them together.
But he found another,
And she is left crying
Over updates
And memories.
A life without her.

She curses this woman,
Who stole her love.
Hates their,
She curses a fantasy,
That never was.

A love that was written in her mind,
And sent to her heart.
Love’s lonely fool.

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