I aint unto how to learn swim
Beacuse I’m a sailor,
If my ship wrecks and I stucked in an island
With only two options
Either starve to death or suicide
I would select suicide
I would jump into the sea and drown to death

Soy Un Perdedor

“Soy Un Perdedor”

They flew across the sky, but I couldnt so,
I remained in the branch.
They swimmed cross the sea, but I couldn’t so,
I remained on the shore
They lived on earth
I tried to ate some pills, I could so,
I reached hell before them.

Soy un perdedor – I’m a loser

I Worried

I worried whether I would become a devil.
I worried whether I would do evil to others
I worried whether I would hurt anyone
I worried whether I would curse anyone
I worried whether I would knock anyone down
I worried I would lost my soul
I worried there will be a tilme when I would do all these and won’t regret.
I was right, I dont regret any of my devilish deeds now.

Home to House

Home to House

A place which was a hut, but lot of happiness
We ate together,
We drank together.
We could have we times
We could see each other
We could share everything
We were us.

A place which has become a palace
We ate differently
We drank without raising a toast
We dont see each other anymore
We dont talk much anymore
We are now just you and me


This is the time, monsoon.
Loves the cool air, dislikes the mud
Loves the hot tea, dislikes the damp clothes.
Likes to stay under the sheets
Likes to see drops running over glass roof Loves to see rain from shelter, dislikes to get in the rain.

Dislikes to stay inside the class, dislikes to get sick.

Dislikes changed to likes and nostalgia when i could no longer feel anything in mind.

Dear lost old days, know you wont come back
But I wish to be a little kid again.

Goddess from Heaven

vi. Execution


Oh little heaven, let me convey the message

Oh little heaven, let me convey the message


The heart of an outcasted prince from far land developed an affection on Lavaana.

As usual news as it sounds

The king spares none who eyes on his daughter

Thirteen killed and he’s the fourteenth

He’ll be asked for last wish tomorrow, the execution day.

Oh little heaven, as always my heart is aching while delivering this

Oh little heaven, as always my heart is acting while delivering this.


The tiny angels flew as they went.


Goddess from Heaven

v. Accept my Respect

Oh dear beautiful, indeed a cruel world it is, For putting metal to hands, meant to be adorn by flowers and gems.

Oh dear young man, I advocate peace, metals are for maintaining it.                                            I‘m just a girl, no warrior or knight, Wishing well to all.                                                         Respecting farmers for their hardship and Soldiers for their sacrifice.

Oh dear beautiful, accept my respect for you A rare kind of girl could be found of traits  And be kind to let me know about you.

Lavaana my name, daughter of a father who serves this land,                                             People affectionately call him king Talamaar.    As simply she said, as hard he could digest.


Goddess from Heaven

iv. Wheat and Sickle


Golden wheats in left and sickle in right arm,

The princess reap the field , along the young hearts.


He advances forward, with a bamboo basket

Oh dear beautiful, may you put those crop in it don’t let these harsh things hurt the soft palm of you

I can’t bear even a reddish spot on that hand.

Oh dear young man it’s just a sickle

Mine has handled swords of steel,

Spears of iron and arrows of Reed.

Goddess from Heaven

iii. Rainbows In the Sweat Sprouts

Sun wasn’t harsh, for the sake of the Girl

Wind blew slight chill, for the sake of the Girl.

Sweat sprout in her forehead,

Glittered in the sun and rainbow could be seen.

Oh my pal, who is that angel,

Not belonging here,

One among the young man wondered .

Goddess From Heaven

ii.Oh Dear May

Oh Dear May, let me take with you.

Oh dear Lavaana, why should I?

Oh Dear May, I want to reap the harvest

Oh Dear Lavaana, that’ll be hard for soft hand of thy.

Oh Dear May, I need to be with the rest.

Oh Dear Lavaana, That’s unlikely a princess’s deeds.

Oh Dear May, It’s an order from the princess.

Your Majesty, as you wish.