Top to Bottom

Some days, I wish I could end my life.

Some days, I wish I were alive.

Some days I am just tired.

Today, I’m full of hope.

Tomorrow I’m off

To live a little;

To be happy.

Yeah, yeah.


Take Off


I want to spread my winds

Take you with me to the clouds,

Wash my gumboots as we walk into a stream of undying love.

There’s a beat playing in my head –

Sound of hurrays and balloons coming to life by the swift touch of a needle.

Train Comes Home

Knocking on the door.

Surprise on my face;

My crazy Aunty’s back.

She’s come again with the bag

To take the goodness out.

She’s a witness.

Jesus was not born.

I spit behind her walk past me.

I sit at the minute past 6

To wait for my much better uncle who

Promised to visit this year.


Love me or Hate me

In my comfort, you came.

In my brokenness, you swept me away.

Like the ocean, I brought peace;

Like the pandemic, I shut you in.

Take me, break me.

Hate me, love me.

Hold my hands

Or don’t hold me at all.

This too shall pass.


Sneeze in a Pan

There once was a villain

Who remained a villain despite being called the hero of the story.

A vampire whose craving for blood was always in check.

He fell for a bartender;

His teeth fell upon the bartender.

He’s always struggled with his demons;

That is the true war he must emerge victorious.


I take a path and oscillate

Between loving her and breaking her heart.

What’s the best way to hurt someone?

Make them feel comfortable around you.

These days, I just sit on a swing.

To and fro, I change emotions.


If all I think is moving on earth

With bare foot and a crown of tears,

Then I really do not wish to be on earth

With a crown of tears.

I’d wish to fly some place far

Far above crowns on earth.

Broken Palace

Probably knocked down by a bottle from the heavens.

Maybe the gods must be crazy

To think I’d believe I’m in the bed of a king.


Two days ago, I stumbled upon

A scroll.

And in it, was scroll within scroll within scroll,

Until there was nothing but chaos in my flesh.

A quick rush and bam!

I’m up, up and away into the dark night.


Here I am, face to face with half dressed ladies

And smoothly shaved men whose eyes followed my every movement.

“What do you care for?”

“Should I get the water hot while I await your call?”

I close my eyes an make a wish.

I am never coming back.

Faculty of Law


Lots and lot of studies.

Sturdy, albeit shaking in my comfort bed.

It’s examination time again, and I profess

Here like before, SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.

I find joy knowing that

On the third week, I shall be weak. Yes.

But I shall recover.


After three nights spent with her,

I can proudly say

She lives in me

She lives in me.

She lives in me.

Does she live in me?


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