They want peace
They call it peace
As if peace is justice
With a fancy wig
And flashy jewelry

As if calm streets
And pretty murals
Will bring them back

They call it peace
When they mean suppression
When they mean conformity
When they mean complacency

They call it peace
And they want us to call it peace
To protect their economy
To protect their supremacy
To protect themselves

They call it peace
And they’ve got
So many of us calling
It peace

No justice
No peace
No justice
No peace
No justice
No peace

So we don’t call it peace
We don’t call it a riot
We won’t go back to
This is the uprising
Hop on board
Or step aside


She looked lost
As if someone snapped their fingers
And she was transported to another world
Shocked, frozen, and scared
She was scared

And I could see it in her eyes
The way her pupils widened
How her blinks slowed
And the wrinkle of her nose

There was a gleam on her lips
Round and full
Covered in gloss

There was a sparkle on her eyelids
From the shimmer of her shadow
Brightening the dark mahogany of her eyes
Showing it’s brilliance

Her fingers trembled
There were always things to fear
Things to be afraid of

Walking down the street at night
Without a set of keys between her fingers
Or daring to feel confident in her sensuality
Outside of her bedroom walls

She was taught to fear the night
To hear the monsters as they crawled
What she feared the most
More than werewolves
And wendigos
Was herself


I should have seen them coming
I heard them howling for hours
Their steamy breath tickling my ears
I wasn’t afraid
Per se
I was a witch and I had the means to end them
I could take down two hellhounds at a time
Using my blades
I could have swung them
Landing them right between
Those ugly mutts’ eyes
But I wondered
With all that I’ve done
All the people I’ve hurt
All the creatures I tormented
Should I fight?
Should I wave my hands
To ensure my survival?
Maybe I should accept what was coming for me
Maybe I should let fate have her way
Their paws slammed into the ground behind me
Shaking the very foundations
I flinched
Foamy drool dripped onto my shoulder
If I was going to fight
I would have to move
But if I wanted to lay down…

For what?

Under the light of the moon
Silver and unsure
I ponder

What was it all for?

The gatekeeping
The anger
The hate
The superiority complex

The sun and the moon
Both celestial beings
Each wonderful
In their own ways

But they share the sky
Giving each other
The chance
To be the center
Of the universe

We are all made of stardust
Like the sun
Like the moon

So if they can share the sky
Why can’t we?


I thought of who would fight for me
When war was waged
I thought of whose hands would grip the handle of a blade
And wield it in my honor

Who would bleed
Throwing fists and kicks
Slicing skin with sharpened knives
Raising a hand in triumph
Believing that I was worthy of it all

Certainly, I should defend myself
But my hands are covered in bruises
Knuckles covered in open wounds
Blood dripping between my fingers

My heart is tired
From the battles I’ve won
On my own

Twisted ankles
Sprain wrists
Fractured bones

I thought of who would fight for me
Of who would risk their lives for my benefit

It’s lonely here
But I must continue to fight

Never Meant to Have This

We were never meant to have this
The one thing we are fighting for
The one thing we would die for
We were never meant to have it
Bright red oceans
Trees with purple bark
And leaves that fall like
Rainbow glitter
We weren’t meant to have this
Like clouds made of cotton candy
Hearts softened by love
Respect and honor
We were never meant to have this
Like twisting pink fields
And safety in numbers
And a sun drenched in blood
We were never meant to have this
Black lipsticks
Pastel combat boots
Fishnet stockings
And happiness
We were never meant to have this

But we will


Defiance: a daring and bold resistance
Your hair defies gravity
Climbing toward the sky
Yearning to meet the clouds
From whence you came

Your skin defies the rays of the sun
Absorbing its light
Warm golds
Deep blues
Rich browns
Containing stardust

Your smile defies the system
That was built to uphold a standard
That oppressed your soul
Stomping you into the core of the earth
And yet you find joy
In a dance
And in a song

Your softness defies all belief
Fighting against the stereotypes
Of strength that withstands all abuse
Of being undeserving of love and tenderness
You defy all these lies

There’s beauty in your defiance
Never forget that

Gold Stone

He wrapped tightly wound coils around his fingers
Smoothing the frayed kinks with his thumb
His eyes, like blue goldstone, sparkled
Tiny, gold flecks glittered as sunlight poured into the room
Flooding his face with a magical glow
As if his face was a gift from the Old Gods
Left on my doorstep

His lips, shaped like the perfect bow
Soft and dark
Were the ribbons that I got to unwind
The tip of his ochre nose
Was the thin piece of tape
That, when I touched it just right
Released the gift of his smile and a full-bodied laugh
That reverberated on the surface of my skin

I could stay like this
Counting the almost black freckles
Scattered across his cheeks
Until my breath became weak
And my mind began to fade

But I wouldn’t
Because the thought of existing without him
Whether here or somewhere else in time and space
Filled me with a sadness I never knew existed
Yes, I could survive it
But question was
Would I want to?


Simple days
Simple breaths
Simple moments
Simple smiles

Simple thoughts
Simple dances
Simple waves
Simple souls

Simple hearts
Simple touches
Simple glances
Simple hands
Simple beats

Simple laughs
Simple minds
Simple love
Simple calls

Simple toes
Simple cries
Simple words
Simple pain

There’s no such thing as simple life


The foundations are rotten
They weren’t built to withstand
All that they have gathered
Corner cobwebs
Creaking floors
Crumbling walls
Poisonous vines

But they stay there
So comfortable with
The shattered glass
That they don’t heed the calls
Of the architect
Handing them
The blueprints of a better home
They ignore the
Knocks on doors
Telling them that their home is killing them

Black mold clings to the ceilings
The furniture lies in decay
Broken in half
Splinters sticking out
Scratching everything it touches

They’re told to rebuild
To retrain
To rethink
And they refuse
Not because they don’t see the destruction
But because it’s most comfortable