Spider Lurking

I saw her in the corner of my room

Why had I not noticed her before, she had to have been there for

a great deal of time because her web was intricate

Geez, that says a lot about my cleaning or non-cleaning

I’m appalled by her, I wonder what she thinks of me

Ohhhh for pete’s sake, now the itsy bitsy spider song is stuck in my head

Sooooo, what did I get outta all this

I got that I need to clean my room, and maybe I need more friends

to talk to bcuz I have spent wayyy to much time

wondering about what a spider thinks of me.


Not So Pretty Today

Some days I don’t feel pretty

I guess I’n not alone and this feeling is universal among women

My thoughts about this often wonder

And in my head I end up going who knows where

Ohhhhh my

Only I know my secrets

To soothe my heart where my true beauty lies


Maya Angelou

Phenomenal Woman

It’s An Inside Job

They say it’s an inside job

You can hide your pain and dysfunction under

a Versace or Givenchy outfit, but you still reek of stinking thinking

and self sabataging behavior which makes you

A dressed up garbage can

Continue to strive for Progress not Perfection

Eventually, your insides and outside will be in sync

Five Minute Warning

If i were to knowingly die in the next five minutes

I would give thanks to my creator for allowing me

to spend my last minutes doing what I love

and I just happened to have some chocolate on hand

to nibble as I write

the love of my life is  laying close to me

and just a few short hours ago asked me to be his wife

I think to myself as the seconds tick away

that this was a perfect way to end an imperfect life

The Cubs Den

There’s a place that I can only visit in my mind

to get there, I travel back in time

Where PF Flyers were all the rage

And long hot summers filled my days

You’er invited, I’ll be your escort

to our clubhouse under grandma’s porch

It was just us neighborhood kids that created our new digs

We laughed and played and came of age

under grandma’s porch

Too Much Like Right

If you & I were just alike, one of us would not be necessary

Soooo, rejoice in your individuality & I’ll do the same

If everyone joined in , the world wouldn’t be so lame

Racial & sexually oriented prejudices wouldn’t exist

This would end tumultuous petty fights, but as my

grandmother used say, that’s just too much like right,


The Inevitable

To go from the men all paused when you walk into the room

to menopause – WOW

just happened too damned fast

being assaulted by unpredictable hot flashes jumping on you without permission

will make you dread this unavoidable condition

Or you can view it as an inevitable gift

WTF, you maybe inclined to say

Meaning that you got to live long enough to experience it

It’s apart of life and you got to graduate to another stage

and you get to turn another page in the book of the living

Your story is still being written





Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is the absolute worse

it’s like having your creativity under a sudden curse

Your mind is constipated & your thoughts are unable to move

to a place that’s free flowing & on going

That place is called The Writer’s Groove

it doesn’t have an address & can’t be located on a GPS

to get there you have to go thru labor pains & literally give birth

to a piece of your soul for all the world to see

and when your life is over & you’er long gone

future generations will know you because

your words will live on

All because you re-located from Writer’s Block

and took up residence in The Writer’s Groove


A Cheer For Me

God bless me & keep me& blanket my life

that my journey is infused with less wrong & more right

Give me the wisdom to be honest enough to see

that sometimes my own thinking is an enemy to me

Thank you for giving me a kind heart to always cheer for someone else

and please relieve me of negative doubts that stops me from cheering for myself

Continue to strengthen  & guide me through all situations &

help me live without self imposed limitations

I believe with all my heart that I have a friend in thee

Help me to reach deeper to find the friend in me