(Words to be used – “Thus, then, did, they, celebrate, the, funeral, of, Hector, tamer, of, horses”)

They did celebrate the life of Hector

And made a funeral pyre.

Achilles came against him.

Both vowed only one would be left.

Achilles’ rage would be unslaked

Until every last fetus aborted,

All women subjugated,

And noble Troy was razed.

Each would get what he deserved,

Of that we can be sure.

A lesson can be found

They honored Hector eleven days

And put Achilles in the ground.






Wringer of Life

I’ll be a wringer of life-

Squeeze for all I’m worth.

Hold my days in a vise.

Die clutching the earth.

I will not go gently.

I will rage and fight.

For me there will be

No exit stage right.

When at last I am spent

To the grave, I’ve arrived

I want to scream out

“Wow! What a Ride!”







Fireflies in a Bottle

Earlier, the heat on the road

Made strange water that was gone

When we zoomed closer.

The air was like porridge

But the pool cured our lethargy.

Now the summer sun

Has at last given way

And crept below the treeline.

Fireflies caught in a bottle.

Two long years waiting

For this moment of bliss.

September is coming.

I let them go free.


Emoji Poem

Write an emoji poem they said

My mouth is a zig zag line

I have googly eyes

My eyebrows are off my face

And there’s puffs of steam coming from my nose!

Yea, I think I’m a moji on past this one.

The Perfect Day

I slowly come to, feeling well rested,

And treasuring every sweet dream.

I roll over, arise, and practically float,

Greeted by mid-morning sunbeam.

I slipper and robe, lured out by

The smell of breakfast made for me.

Leisurely, I read, drink and eat

An omelet: well-stuffed, juice and tea.

Sated, I take up pen to write

Dash off a hundred and twenty

Sure to be published manuscripts,

Journal articles, and poems aplenty.

The mailman brings bags of checks

As the neighbor gawks

And I struggle under the load

I hear him yell-Get a bigger box.



Season of the Fog

The whole earth is in a season of fog.

The descent into madness was abrupt.

Everyone, shocked, blinded.

A horror story of apocalyptic proportion.

Atlas must have drop-kicked the world.






cobweb tentacles

dendrite feelers

stretching, reaching

doing what they know

only through risk

can we grow

Letter to Dad

It was one month before

My last child was born

That you were no more.

We called her Erin Kelly

The last of your legacy.

Did I forget to mention

Her beauty defied comprehension?

But the lace and curls

Did not suit baby girl.

She transitioned.

Now we call her him.

And mom loved again.

It took a while for her

To accept your permission.





He was before he was born.

He could do anything

Except live.

He was infinity

Encased in a body.

I am that I am.


How can this be?

Two sets that never intersect

Are one.

Both this and not this-

God and not God,

Man and not Man.


I am that I am.


And yet…

The one who is.

The rule maker

Is the rule breaker

Nothing is impossible for

I am that I am.