Prompt 24 Hour 24

my feet hit the waves and I know 
it is home my hands touch the fern
and I know I am not alone 
The moon looks away while 
I kiss the sky 
because this gift of innocence 
is hard to deny 
I have never wanted or needed much 
but a tender spot under the clouds 
to feel the love

prompt 23 hour 23

I have yet to know his name 
but I know his face 
I know his slim features 
and his blue as the ocean eyes
his scruff of fuzz 
he claims is a beard 
his chiseled face it clings to
I know him from the top 
of his crown of dark brown hair
to his dirty Converse low tops 
I know he carries a degree in art 
but loves to write 
I know he loves cooking and Bluegrass music
He can take your breath away on the dance floor or in the kitchen
he visits me often when I think about 
who is next in my life 
I have had his picture in my mind for a very long time
he is out there 
and I have nothing but time to wait 

Prompt 21 Hour 21

When I am really sleepy 
is when I miss arms around me 
curling up into someone 
feeling safe 
in order to drift away for a bit 
safe and completely relaxed

Prompt 20 hour 20

eyes float across the vast
a room filled with darkness can be any size 
but a small amount of light 
can help you find your bearings 

Prompt 18 Hour 18

On a full moon All Hallows Eve 
the forest it did call me 
in the center a clearing 
a fire so bright 
surrounded by sisters 
who flew through the night 
from near and from far 
we gathered to play 
around the fire we danced 
from dusk till less day 
chanting a song of old goddess past 
planting our wishes and dreams to last 
we are the sisters of night blessed be
otherwise known as witches this eve
under a full moon we dance we wish we dream
and when the sun rises we take coffee with cream

Prompt 17 Hour 17

There was this one guy 
he tried so hard to impress
holding open doors 
and dressing his best 
my heart was softened but not to swoon
till he made me a mix tape
it sent me over the moon

Prompt 15 Hour 15

I remember when flying 
was a nervous wreck about take off and landing 
I remember when flying 
was a quick trip in and out
I remember when flying 
was a trip without taking your shoes off 
I remember when flying 
wasn't a ziploc bag filled with liquids
I remember when flying 
was just flying
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