Love, hate that’s us.

Butterflies. Nausea

Heart pounding. Blood boiling

Twinkling eyes. Laser beams.

Love is never what it seems.

For me it has never been butterflies or rainbows or flowers or candy.

But heartache and tears and worries and fears.

Does true romance exist?

Maybe! Maybe not but what I have could never be bought or sold no matter the gold.

What we have is real.


long days

Fishing ugh!

Long summer days!

Time for swimming and fun.

Not touching bait and worms.

Lemonade and sleeping in.

Not rods and reels.

Friends and sleepovers.

Not sweat and fishy smells.

Summer fun

No not this one!


Within comes honesty

Be honest

Be true to yourself

After hours

When you sit alone

Pondering and wondering

Starring at what is to be cal led

Soft moonlight



Darkness Serene

Cold, warm, hot

Never knowing about tomorrow

Routines, man, poles, bait, hunger

Time flies by uncounted and unexpected

Swim, float, glide, follow, group

Unaware of any emotions

Eat, sleep, breath

Darkness overcomes