11:00 p.m The new birth!

Last summer before his return was dry,

she felt like a scorched field or a thirsty fly.

One day her dad said: ” the bargain is done. You’ll be married.

We’re on verge. There’s a good dowry, who’ll care?”.

“What? You have promised..”

” It is up to me to give a promise and to break it”

“You said “no”. Sit in barn, Change your mind, make it”

In refusing of food she was prisoned

by hands of her parents. The thought was poisonous.

She managed to keep control over her trembling will:

one night she jumped out of window and run behind nearest hill,

where she found a small farm with an old pair

eagily to invite or to hire her or to take care.

Time passed speedily in a new routine on new land

under the same dictate of being a helping hand.

She could not forget her beloved hero promised and waited for so long…

She was singing one prayer and song….

In the time of his return he was desperately seeking her,

her mood rised as wind higher or low.

She was a woman of waiting in unlimited frames

only she could endure a patience and no one to blame.

She kept secretly his shirt given as a pledge of fidelity

perfumed with his smell and making her fell instability.

One day someone knocked the farm ‘s door

she opened it and loosing consciousness fell on the floor.

He saved her from the bottom of meaningless dragging out of well,

he showed her other lands sweeter than in fairy tale

She gave birth to a child in threshold of day and night,

from summer to autumn, from darkness of belly to day light.

It was a planned and desirable child from the beginning,

it was a new happy circle of life in its spinning.



10:00 p.m Wait for me!

” I ‘ve secured you to myself. Your father shaked hand.

I am going to defend our blessing widespread land.

Wait for me, dear! Do feelings need more words?

Guard yourself and cut the heads of jackals with a sword,

sniffing around in the search of easy-caught victim…”

“To wait? How long? My unease can reach its extreme…”

“Look, count, how time passes quickly: 2 years…

May we imagine it just as 24 hours?”

9:00 p.m The sudden enrolling at the army

The first fallen snow paved the way to untypical sameness,

to her house, one visible spot in the darkness,

he payed a visit and asked for permission to drop in often

(his absence was caused by a flu not soften).

From time to time she got attached to his hallo,

rotating around her just after saying “hello”.

From time to time she learnt to be happy and to call mum “mummy”,

suddenly one day he was enrolled at the army.


8:00 p.m The harvest of the waiting

Under celebration of annual harvest and subsequent feast,

before the first frost the people put them on the list

of self-invited guests allowing to gobble up,

excessive drinking, spreading gossips and other stuff.

She felt enormously bored and pursued the way in neglection.

He was absent in this gloomy feast (is it an exception?)

What reason did not bring him to this careless brothel? (more…)

7:00 p.m the long waiting

In the middle of autumn his comings were stopped,

the well was rebuilt, but no more buckets, just rain drops.

The biting doubts broke her peace of mind,

the teasing eldest sister was always behind.

She set her mind like a clock ( twice per year):

“I need to wait, he could not disappear,

leaving so many traces on my lifelines,

hypnotizing me with a gentle voice that shines!”


6:00 p.m The eldest sister’s teasing

“You came. So go in. It’s good that no hungering child

you brought to me ” mum’s tone was harsh and wild.

She took an extra duty: to be in time with sisters callings,

who found one day a pretty man some water carrying.

Her sister felt an impulse  of experienced  woman who jumped

out of marriage bed and could spread flirting charm…

not getting aim she got angry and started pinning:

“look at you, don’t be naive, all men’re villains who’re intriguing”

5:00 p. m It is inappropriate to be happy

The reparation of the well took its long time (and costs as rocket),

as a set routine that young man brought her buckets,

paying a polite greeting to her parents and retired;

in such an elegant way that everyone rumored behind.

The parents were unemotionally silent indulged in fussiness,

in her turn she was blossoming unseen in her loneliness,

but happy that no one dared to disturb her dreams to fly…

one day her sister came back…marriage vessel said ” goodbye”

4:00 p.m The meeting of a hero

She stepped back and lowered her look:

 there was a young man as if jumping out of book:

broad shouldered, tall, dark eyed, overshadowing the sun,

she was hesitating in pain: to stay or to run?

“Don’t be afraid.I’m not a lion, and you – not a mouse.

Let me carry this.Where’s your house?”

The life-turning moment had happened in a twinkle of eye.

She could not fantasize, she lost patterns out of sight.

3:00 p.m Exploring unknown

The well in her area was stuck and needed driftage,

she saw the symbolism in testing the distant parts of the village

but exploring every new meter she felt ashamed

of not putting her nose out of parents gate.

Above all she was dreaming to take steps forward

in movement, in daring to know behind school guard,

to dive deeply into refreshing waters of the well,

she was almost carrying bucket out when someone was there…..

02:00p.m Mother’s unsaid farewell

Like waitress she served the tables for her married brother’s friends,

not changing dirty dress and not washing hands,

like Cinderella she run errands a big family (and all guests)

that hardy oversaw the exit under unrest.

In the late phase of wedding her mum was standing in the door

with empty look silently saying “farewell” and no more;

the children treated always like hungry pups

now turned into barking dogs who packed their rugs.


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