Hello again!

Hello! My name is Deanna Ngai and I moved to Airdrie, Alberta Canada almost 7 years ago. Before that, I spent my life in South Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico. I am married to a great guy and a mom to two sons (grown) who both have significant others. I am Nanna to 4 kiddos…Calin (13), Kinsley (10), Maelynn (9), and Brycen (8).

I have been writing as long as I can remember, but mostly in a way that was personal. Since finding the Poetry Marathon I have totally enjoyed getting back into writing. I have met so many amazing people from all over the world and I look forward to this every year. This will be my 5th full Marathon and I cannot wait.

Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!

We got this!


Hour 24: Home Sweet Home

The place I feel at home at and where I long to be
Is surrounded by the ones I love, friends and family.
The place where I can be myself, happy or sad
In this life I am living, being with them can’t be bad.
The actual place can be most anywhere, it can be near or far
It could be on the moon, or the most distant star.
As long as I have the ones I love, that will make it home
To have them all by my side, no matter where I roam.

Hour 23: Oh Cheese, My Cheese

Delectable cheese
Exquisite cheese
So many kinds to choose.
A sharp and yummy cheddar or
A tangy taste of blue.
The creamy goodness of camembert
Luscious, thick goat cheese
A gouda, a mozzarella
Hand it over please!
I love to munch on cheese slices
Wedges, or maybe on a plate
I love to spread it on crackers
Tempting my cheesy palate.
The world would be much poorer
Without cheese in our possession
I love to eat my choices of cheese
That’s my final confession!

Hour 22: Sneaky Sun

With bleary eyes I peer around me, certain it can’t be true.
It has been a surreal night, but I have had a lot to do.
Wake up!
I tiptoe through the house, quiet as I can be
Make my way to the windows, to see what I can see.
Hark! What is that? A glow coming from the east?
Alas it is the sun, what a glowing beast.
Wake up!
It must be suffering from insomnia to be awake so soon
You silly, sneaky sun to take time away from the moon.

Hour 21: Ode to My Pillow

Even though your comfort seems so out of reach, you bring me
sweet dreams as I think of you. Such a firm little cloud, you cradle
my head, at those times I manage to get to bed. Without you, I
would probably be such a mess…uncomfortable…neck aching….
no sweet dreams for me. How did I get so lucky to find you? How
did I get so blessed to have you lull me off to sleep? Oh pillow, my pillow.
Your sweet luxury is only a room away, but quite a distance to go
Before I can savour your relief.

Hour 20: Nighttime Serenity

Softly I tread upon the ground
With quiet breaths, I look around.
The stars in the sky, shining bright
With a beauty only seen at night.
Pass the neighbors, dark houses sleeping
Walk past the park, no children laughing.
Listen for the road, no cars passing.
Wait, a siren, I hope all is well.
I close my eyes, the wind in the trees
With a smile, I make my way home.

Hour 19: A Snapshot of Me

Through the years I have been many things
A child, teenager, adult, daughter, sister, mother.
As time has passed, I have dipped my hand into
Many different tasks, learning from each.
I have worked hard to make others comfortable
Using my voice and gentle wit. On the other hand,
I tend to keep to myself, only the thoughts in my head.
If someone were to see me, they would see
A sense of humour, laughter, a touch of weariness in the eyes.
Mixed in with the slight weariness is a gleaming light
A light that shines out to make others smile.
For ten months out of my year, I work with kiddos
Who need that little extra to be set up for success.
I block and laugh and cry a little, as I see them struggle
I cry a little more as I see them succeed. With each syllable
That flies from their mouth, my heart overflows a bit more.

Hour 18: My Plea To You

I have been trying to speak to you of all the things I feel.
I have been trying to share with you the truths that are real.
I have been trying to plead with you to help me to heal.
……..just be still, and listen.
I have wanted to tell you what is on my mind, how I’m going to crash.
I have wanted to convey the dark hole I’m in, my mind is a mash.
I have wanted to shout how I need a friend, please, no backlash.
……just be still, and listen.
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.
I feel the futility of my pleas.
I feel the darkness engulfing me.
……just be still, and listen.

Hour 17: Beautiful Books

I love to lose myself in a book
It takes me to places far away.
I immerse my thoughts into other lives
Other times, in other days.
People tend to frustrate me
With words that can cut like a knife
I find that with people, I’m rarely heard
They bring tension into my life.
When I have to make a choice
Do I read or go out in the world today?
I will almost always choose to read.

Books were safer than other people anyway.

“Books were safer than other people anyway.”- Neil Gaiman

Hour 16: Summertime Sweetness

The fragrance of flowers wafting in the summer air
The spice of pines in the mountain breeze
The aroma of sunshine swirling in the wind
My sense of smell is teased.
The whisper of the wind on my sun-touched skin
The gentle mist of the midday rain
The caress of a petal as it floats near my face
My sense of touch has so much to gain.
The sweet burst of a berry on my tongue
The tang of fresh lemonade
The freshness of watermelon filling my mouth
My sense of taste I wouldn’t trade.

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