That Day

I’ll never forget that day
Yes, THAT day
The day that everything changed
I remember….

We were at Cherry Beach. It was very hot that day
So no one really wanted to do very much
It was mostly a “nap” day
Even though no one was sleeping

I decided to go for a walk on the beach
It was such a beautiful place
That’s when I saw it
Sticking out of the sand

What could it be? I wonder.
So, I went to take a look
A time capsule
Very cool find!

There were pieces of paper inside
And then I noticed words on the paper
I tried to carefully remove the paper
But it all came apart

Last Time

“I’ll put her in the earth myself” (Lasher, Anne Rice)
Were the very lasts words uttered
I never understood why she stopped there

The ghostly beings in attendance were unaware
As were the ethereal souls
Had they known how close they were
I believe it would have mattered

So, I will let you go this last time
Down deep in the dirt
But,as always, I will bring you back
Because you don’t belong there.


I just got back from the lake

Hurrying to not get back late

My words are few

But I made it, schew…….

Leap of Faith

Seeing is believing is a very common thought

Your eyes don’t lie, do they?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

If you love someone, they look better to you

That would be too easy

A leap of faith comes from your heart

It is unseen but powerful

Embrace it

It’s Over

I don’t know when it became different

I can’t pinpoint what happened

It’s as if I’m not supposed to know

I don’t feel like I have a safe haven

Just me on one side

And the world on the other

I can see it is ending right now

The thoughts, feelings, sensations  tell me that

I’m done