#1 on the charts december 24, 1977 HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE by the BeeGees

How deep is your love?

Have you ever been lost before?

How deep is your love?

Have you ever had a friend that didn’t call you crazy?

How deep is your love?

When you cry what do you release or fight to hold on?

How deep is your love?

When you laugh, is it happiest alone or with others?

How deep is your love?

If tomorrow we never meet, would you still think of me?

How deep is your love?

On your back, look up at the stars or day dreaming?

How deep is your love?

Take my hand and walk with me, speaking softly of our yesterdays?

How deep is your Love?

Grow old and die with me; only in your eyes I see, how deep is your love.


  1.  You learn to walk
    1. Talk
    2. Run
    3. Play
  2. You learn to clean
    1. Wash your face
    2. Wash ALL you body
    3. Wash the dishes
    4. Clean up after the dog
  3. You learn to listen
    1. You get an A+
    2. Rewards for doing well
    3. Learn to ride a bike
  4. You learn to love
    1. Your dog dies
    2. Friends move
    3. First kiss
  5. Childhood is at it’s end
    1. Hold on to memories
    2. Remember to smile
    3. Keep playing, make fun happen
    4. Share Love
  6. You get older
    1. Teenage student
      • Remember the memories
    2. College student
      • Remember the memories
    3. Adult student\employee
      • Remember to remember
  7. A child is born
    1. Your inner child smiles awake
      • Remember
    2. Your life
    3. Your stories
  8. A Lot older/so are the children
    1. Your stories
      • Try to remember
    2. Your Loves
    3. Your life
  9. The End??

Nature and the city

Nature vs nurture, we are taught this in school,

The education we learn from the city, no different than insinct,

To grow up fast, to reproduce and conquer, to make it out alive.

Children run the streets, tag, candy sweets;

Laughter and play, kids today

….city life is home life.



Vines twist and trap,

like a miniature jungle,

hidden inside lost temples,

gathering places of information,

transferring data with rivers of electricity

A mystery to many,

…lets explore



Black Vail lifts

Light through the cracks make the bars almost invsible

The song sung is but a whisper of a past dream

A door opens, wings spread wider

A shoulder to land on

…..not just a pet.

T.S. Eliot, the Love song, my response

I choose not to steal words from your mind to my write,

I thank You,

I understand,

An old soul grown old, they change but I remain,

Trapped in thought,

Dreaming of the chase,

The man caught in the middle, chased by the spotlight and never disappointing. Work but what for, always the best and more.

A shared story of life

A shared thought of loss

Trapped in a place of infinity

A repeated echo of knowing; which ending to proceed living toward.

Its all fun and games;

Then you fall in Love;

With a foolish smile, I go on my days.

I still hear the earth sing, to tease their sounds.

a dance for you; waited too long, did I??


To be a kid

Everyone hold up your phones

Even the young children with oversize tablets

Each device connected to another, the people to their mothers, but can “spy” on each other.

Exist a day before internet, work and play both were hard. Now, in th ease of the connected world. We lost connection to each other.

A bitter sweet reality to be able to communicate with someone around the world but not the one right next to me.

Pause from your day, pullout your earpiece, look up from the screen, and say, “Hello?” With a Smile we say “Hi.”

If I could go back in time, I would have never went online.

Dear Butterfly,

Dear butterfly,


How are you? It has been many years since we last spoke, time flys. I don’t know why but I have this permanent feeling ofI’mSorry” i have to say it. To you. I say I’m sorry to everyone, everytime I laugh, I try not. Now a reflex.

I miss you, to talk, to hear the air flow bend and break to your every whim. To hear you laugh againwould change my world.hope you and the kids are happy, so free. I still dream.

Oh, butterfly a childhood dream. I have not forgot you and cant believe I actually caught you, almost. To let you go now. We will meet again some day. A dream is but a dream, Butterfly wings in a breeze, I can still hear you sing.


Sincerely yours,



Blinfold Mask

In the spotlight, everyone is watching.

A silhouette of a human.

Only a loving smile can be shown.

Dare to look me in the eyes?

An image sold for your viewing pleasure.

A soul giving itself to you, for a smile.

Standing alone, she is, frozen in time, listening, watching, waiting; the mask is removed.

Who Are You?

Journey into Tomorrow

Sit and wonder what tomorrow holds; flipping through channels. Confused by the hours on the clock; it is always today.

A reminder rings, an echoed thought.

Wash and rinse, brush and rinse, swoosh and rinse; kind of makes you thirsty. Remember to remember.


Sunrise, hurried thought, I’M LATE! I’M LATE! Wash, brush, rinse , repeat?? I’m late, now ready. I start off into the day.

I Remembered Today

In the beginning/post apocalypse

Sshhh, silence echoes

What a thought, shooting star

Catch it, light it on fire and set it free

Dancing in circles, surround by watchers

A separation between space and time, thought.

In the beginning was an idea. And we Dance.

The darkness in man has been let free, not like you have seen in the movies of old, so I’ve been told stories use to have pictures moving.

The world is cold to the touch, what can grow here? A fire surrounds the wanders, where can we go? No one knows why man fell but we are here now.

Surviving this deserted garden. Turn and be eaten, eat and be turned. Ill forgotten, lost in plain sight; a child still wonders. *smile*

The only yesterdays we remember, running, fighting, freezing in fire, the water is on fire, eat what a goal maybe tomorrow.

Fighting striving for that next breath, not to be on top just to have enough to wake up. Do it all again, ready or not

fire consuming the man himself. Pick your desire, worst than animals we’ve become.

In this last note I write a civilized cry. A memory lost, a dream, maybe even hope. A poem lost to time. A language gone.

I will wake tomorrow, but tomorrow I will be gone.

Understand, if found, pure thought can be sung-song, writ-poem, numbers rule the universe, All Around you death, there is art in hateful sorrow.

Respect the Strugggle

*Always find a reason to SMILE*

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