Destiny – Hour Twenty-Four

I still recall the email
An invitation of a lifetime
A chance to meet a top tier publisher
Her people reached out to me
I felt instant elation and sorrow
I had no way of getting to the meeting
It was a time before ride-sharing services
And no one from my area was going
I had to admit it to myself that it was not happening
I had to tell them thanks, but no

The day of the meeting, my heart sank
I so wanted to be there – to have had the opportunity to say yes
To have gone
But hours after that meeting had happened,
I met my now husband online
Had I gone to the meeting, I likely would not have met him
Looking back now, as much as that publisher meeting meant
I now realize that destiny had other plans
I would change the life I have now for nothing in this world
Even top tier publishers

At the Diner – Hour Twenty-Three

At the diner, memories return
Far too many there to name
From childhood antics to new love
To orders staking claim
In some ways ’tis full circle
My life here with the food
Both then and now with toddlers
Just learning to be good

When I was young, slow service
Meant you beat forks on the table
And now my daughter emulates
The best that she is able
While screaming for her order
Of burger, fries and milk
She then says “please” so sweetly
Her soft words as smooth as silk

To take it even further
In my diner reverie
I once quizzed my love on artists
Met with heart-pained tragedy
And in that time, we bonded
As our history has shown
There are so many memories
Some the best I’ve ever known

Sometimes, it’s not about the food
But time spent with loved ones near
That makes the diner special
For everyone, year after year
The memories made last far beyond
Whate’er was served that day
The time spent there, forever fond
Surpassing each entree

Those Who Take Care of Us – Hour Twenty-Two

There are many angels in our lives
Some family, some friends
Those who take care of us through time
On whom we can depend
The ones that never ask a thing
And want nothing in return
Those that hold us at our worst
Our rocks at every turn

Those so giving in their need
That they only ask our best
Are life’s most precious dears, indeed
True cuts above the rest
We strive to be just like them
In our actions and our words
They are the unsung heroes
Altruistic thunderbirds

They come in all shapes and sizes
Hail from every walk of life
To grace us with their presence
When our lives are met with strife
They’re the ones who care about us
Where should the roles be reversed
We would emulate their nature
In the way they have rehearsed

Island – Hour Twenty-One

I’d love to buy an island
Some place to call my own
Where I could simply be myself
And would be left alone
No phones, no neighbors, no distress
Nothing but peace and calm
Where ocean waves would kiss my toes
As some sweet healing balm

I’m tired of big city life
I’d love to catch a wave
There’s too much drama in the world
The news is just too grave
If I could buy an island
I’d gladly call it home
I’d live my days forever
Some place I’m free to roam

I doubt I would be lonely
I’d love to catch some ZZZZ’s
While relaxing in my own abode
Surrounded by blue seas
For now, this is a silly dream
But dream it now, I must
For its better than filling my mind
With angst, pain and disgust

Season of the Drought – Hour Twenty

The sunflower dirt has turned to dust
The blue skies and wispy clouds are all we’ve known for months
Just a foot of rain in half a year
And next to none in an eternity
Occasional five minute sprinkles tease then
Serve to bake our region more
Dangerous temperatures pose an additional threat
It is becoming scary
I hope we don’t catch up with a hurricane at our door
I wish I had a crystal ball to look into the future
But there is no way to see
Rain has been promised in the past
To no avail
I guess only God knows when
It will finally bring us a gully washer

Leaving – Hour Nineteen

In sorrow, I watch you walk away through no fault of your own. You were asked to leave. I don’t know why and I probably never will. You came here for just one reason. She was just nine months old when you arrived. Now three years old, nearly four, she will not understand and I cannot explain it because I do not understand it either. But, alas, it is happening and we will all miss you, while trying to embrace the changes destined to come sooner rather than later. Parting is such sweet sorrow, they say, but this one simply hurts. Maybe, one day, we will all be together again. Only time will tell this. Until then, we will cling to the memories. Those are all we will have left.

Goodbye is tricky
It is awkward and painful
Our loss is your gain

He Is Coming and I Am Here – Hour Eighteen

“He is coming and I am here” – The Time Traveler’s Wife.

He is coming and I am here
A reunion long in coming
He’s finally back on US soil
Back with our family again
He’s safe, he’s near, he’ll be here soon
He’ll meet his girl at last
We have much catching up to do
And I can hardly wait

He is coming and I am here
It’s raining tears of joy
He made it back, the war is done
He’s made us all so proud
His time is up and just begun
He’ll share with us once more
I cannot speak to just how great
It is he’s almost home

He is coming and I am here
His plane is landing now
It won’t be long til we embrace
It seems its been too long
I see him now, he sees me too
I’ve got so much to do
But, first I must now let you go
He’s home, my dream’s come true

Wedding Memories – Hour Seventeen

Once upon a rainy morn
I took a sacred vow
A future bright and newly born
Twas lastly there somehow

I took a sacred vow
It began a whole new life
For in the here and now
I was, at last, a wife

A future bright and newly born
A long road wound ahead
Earmarked by vows that I have sworn
On the day that we wed

Twas lastly there somehow
The day that changed our world
And despite time now passed
You’re mine with arms unfurled

Almost Midnight – Hour Sixteen

The hour is getting later
And my head begins to spin
But I will keep on writing
Exhaustion will not win
I’m pushing towards the finish
Inching closer every hour
With coffee, I will make it
I shall harbor the power

I am feeling a twinge of pain
My head and back both hurt
But I know I’m moments away
From a brain fueled writing spurt
The writing block will leave me soon
And I will trudge ahead
It won’t be too much longer
Before I’m nestled in bed

For now, I must keep writing
These poems won’t write themselves
Getting them out right now is better
Than words being top shelf
My focus is now foggy
But enough of my rhyme
I’m now left here to question
Do you happen to know the time

Crystalline Leaves – Hour Fifteen

Icy clear and heart shaped too
These special leaves speak me and you
A perfect pair through imperfection
Providing moments of reflection
The humble start that we embraced
The difficulties we have faced
And like the pair, we still stand tall
All for one and one for all

A focal point, with white beneath
The leaves themselves serve to bequeath
A life of memories in their wake
Of hopes and dreams and steps to take
A glimpse upon a future’s past
Of journey’s laid barren to last
With no facades and no regrets
Brought to light lest one forgets

The crystalline leaves before us now
Shine brightly filled with light and wow
A prism ’round their edges shown
The greatest times our lives have known
Icy clear and heart shaped too
The leaves reminding me of you
Beauty and poise, pristine and pure
Despite the climate we endure

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