Hour #2 Promises to Keep

I used to misfire as much as I wanted
maybe that’s why the bang bang movies
my Dad watches is my nemesis
I jump like the bullets fired from the guns
demand to watch something funny-
that makes my tummy quake.

Like that small earthquake you felt
when you were only 8 years old

now you still jump,
even though I promise I won’t let
as a thirty something year old

You have a job taking care of vulnerable people
so I won’t bring the guns
out to play.
I have promises to keep.

Hour #1 Snickers Hummed All Around

Feet crunch in satisfying snow
not the slush

as the time the truck driver had
no time to slow his wheels

the feeling of being drenched
is like accidentally falling

into an ocean
the city girl came back to the island

fell off the edge of the boat
snickers hummed around the crowd

I can still build myself up
when I am sopping wet.

The everlasting drip of the tap
won’t break me.

Or will it?

Chaotic Dog-Eared Books

Chaotic Dog Eared Books

The ring from
your wine glass
left its prominent mark
of red saying

I was here
on your favourite
hardback book

Don’t books that have
stains tell the world
I have lived?

Like chaotic dog–eared
books facing up
towards the sun

where sunflowers
nod their gentle
heads of approval.

The Oak tree
rustles its old leaves
saying don’t worry about such things.