They’re probably gonna have that big red truck again

They’re probably gonna have that big red truck again



Yeah. A lot of people are, are succumbing to this

Moving bodies

So if you haven’t, I suggest now is the time to do so

Wow that tree fell over. A pine tree in the snow

At the house towards the street

Man, I can’t wait to talk to him. My him

Even at Taco Bell there’s signs saying you can’t come in if you supply proof


So he had Covid, right?


So, did he get vaccinated?

No. Down there they don’t let you until after six months

So after six months is he gonna get vaccinated?

No. But he knows it’s filling up again

Don’t sneeze. Bless you.

God Waited

God Waited


From the day we met, the stars always knew, one day, a lonely

womb would meet its match. We buckled up and drove small mountain roads

to watch our city glow. But as we went we didn’t know an empty

tomb stood before us. We watched as we fell, but knew: God waited.

How I Wish

How I Wish


your red truck would have barreled

across gravel roads, straight to me.

Your headlights would have shined

blinding beams to my skyward eyes.

Your seats would have held

breathing bodies hot with kisses.

Your hands would have waved,

have held, have traced, have lingered.

Your heart would have stayed

out of Heaven, close to me.

Across Barren Skies

Across Barren Skies


TapTapTap! The worm wriggles through the earth,

belly turned up towards the sky. Hearts stop, chase

each other through sunflowers, fields riddled

with souls waiting to latch. But pavements grow,

barrel up through soil, nails poked into old

oak trees, ends protecting the hardbacks within.




the old willow tree


as if hands reaching up


the fresh autumn sky

From Across The Pool

From Across The Pool


And the fire burns

as the hotel shines bright


Six rescue trucks light

the way, pick-up volunteers.

Flash, flash, flash the window


screams, holding tightly.

Lightning streaks across the sky.


Old red trucks pile

in, water tanks poised


to aim, but nothing

ever comes, no men


to bear arms. Electrical

stairwell waiting to win.

And the fire burns,


screams holding tightly,

wisps of hope trailing high.

A Rose Petal Crown

A Rose Petal Crown


We splash and play,

fun’s little way

of bringing us

close together.


Swan towels lay,

naked as jays

and cling as one

in our hot tub.


Bubbles unite

what tried to fight,

jets soothe away

space we create.


A candle’s bright

flame, guiding light

makes our hearts glow,

red as petals.

Another Year, Another Time, Another Rush

Hey guys!!!

So happy to be here once again!

I’ve done this so many times I feel like I’m losing count! 5th one! Big ole number five. Hard to believe — a half, three fulls, and this will be another half.

I’m on vacation this year, nestled deep in the Kentucky mountains, which would seem like the prime inspiration point for some wicked nature-based poetry…but the internet connection here doesn’t cooperate with that notion.

But it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason.

Usually I use the Marathon as the main poetry-generator for the year, but this past year I’ve been in a writing group and have generated about a poem a month — which equates to what I’d be missing out on by doing a half. It all evens out.

All a part of God’s plan.

This year I’ll have my muse by my side, though. My star.

So we’ll see how this goes.

It is sure to be a good — nay, great — year.

See you on the writing side. 🙂



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