Magic Question

Why am I here?

Why am I on the Earth?

Why is it me, my mother did give birth?

This is the Magic Question.

Ask sincerely, it answers itself.

When A Nobody Speaks

It’s hard to say, when a Nobody speaks.

Cause when a Nobody speaks, a Nobody hears.

But a Nobody hears when a Somebody speaks.

A Somebody’s a Nobody with masterful techniques.


It’s not about his color, her gender or their sneaks.

It’s about remaining a student after everyone’s a grad.

When you’re a student, you’re protected; Ironclad

From your own illusions and beliefs.


A Nobody is Somebody when he masters his techniques.

Remember that when a Nobody speaks.

A Somebody starts with a Nobody,

So it’s hard to say, when a Nobody speaks.




All-In (Masterpiece)

We’re a masterpiece, don’t you see?

Just try to see what it means to be alive.

Beating, singing, dancing to existence;

Thinking, feeling, planning; This condition is persistent.


We’re a masterpiece, we’re a witness, an author and an actress.

You identify what it means to sing and be alive.

Health and Happiness, salt-water taffy lips;

Creating in the moment, this condition, We own it.


Nothing I do is random, purpose and intention in tandem.

That’s two girls, one line. I’d explain it to you but I haven’t got the time.

If you don’t flex it, you don’t grow it, no pain, no–And you know it.

Create that vision and chime in, rewind that vision and I’m all-in.


We’re a master piece, we’re a witness…

Consciousness, Intention, Creation; Isn’t a sickness, it’s our business.

We are Human.



Me N’ You

What do we have in common, me n’ you?

Me n’ You?

What do we have in common, me n’ you?

Me n’ you?

So much we have in common, me n’ you.

Me n’ you.

So much we have in common, me n’ you.

Me n’ you.

We’re both birthed from Mother Earth,

Me n’ you.

Both human, me n’ you

Me n’ you

We both think, me n’ you,

plan, me n’ you

do, me n’ you.



Experience, me ‘n you.

Me n’ you.

Goals, intentions and beliefs, me n’ you.

Me n’ you.

This is only the tip-top of the iceberg, me n’ you.

We’re so common, me n’ you.

We’re essentially the same, me n’ you.

Me N’ You.

Me N’ You.



Let The Paint Dry

Sometimes it’s the smallest little realizations that make the biggest splashes,


I’m honored to hear natures voice sing in my heart, cause what’s worse than painting over wet paint?


You know? Bruce Lee couldn’t hear this and his legs stopped walking, this is what it took.


“You will never walk again.” Said the doctor. And Bruce sat in deep thought.


Months and months went by as he further defined his theories. Did he really lose his legs?


Or was nature forcing him to let the paint dry?


See, I draw with pencils and well, they’re already dry.


I started panting cars and that first layer looked like shit, I couldn’t tell why.


Later the next day I began again and it hit me, “You gotta let the paint dry!” I screamed.


I ran into the house and I stared.


I stared at my drawing, over 2,000 hours already invested into it.


I haven’t worked on it for about a month and I realized that I was just letting the paint dry.


Suddenly the drawing opened up to me. What do I do? How do I finish?


All of these things, I suddenly knew. And I finished that drawing in my mind.


I’m still letting the paint dry a little bit. It’s okay to take a break.


Natures voice is soft, easily missed. But when you’re as strong willed and dedicated as I am,


Nature just might take your legs for a short time while the paint drys.


You see, my friend, sometimes it’s the smallest realizations that make the biggest splashes.


Ideas Equal Reality

Ideas are things, I don’t need to tell you this.

Like the thought of her lips touching when you kiss

Or the sting of death on your mind, painful abyss

2 shots ring, thankful you miss.

Ideas are things, they’re the seeds of our reality

Be firm in yourself, concrete mentality

Thoughts and imagination become actuality

Artists of life; Thought, emotion and the Quantum Modality

Ideas are things, it’s where we all begin

Porkchops for dinner n’

The second season of love, I’m in.

Ideas surely are things, I’ll say it again

I can’t deal with mediocrity very well

To me mediocrity feels a lot like hell

Ideas are like a sperm cell, fuck it-Magic spell.

Careful what you think, I can’t write it much better, “Oh well.”