Morning Glory

Sunshine kisses my skin

The warm breath of Mother Nature kisses my neck, face, arms, and legs.

Light caresses land like butterflies on delicate flowers.

Beauty and nature is found where you choose to look for it.

Awaken your senses and breathe it in deep.

Familiar face

What if I said I knew you were the one because I wrote about you before I knew you existed? I dreamed up your presence to sell books. I felt your sweet kiss captured between Pages written in my mind. A mental flip recalls your picture to the Forefront of my memory. Thrown together… the universe told me you existed long before I met you.

Just a haiku

Torches light the path tonight

Exuberant exhilaration course through the atmosphere alive

Follow its upward intent successfully


Home is where the heart is

The noise, a high-pitch squeak was always underlying. No matter how many shows she turned on or how loud she turned up the music. She hated it here. This place with held her creative mind and destroyed her happiness. Depression was a state she had grown to know intimately. Secrets no longer hidden from her regretful eyes. Purposely and dutifully she tries to create her happiness and manifest a place that makes her feel at home because ever since she left home she’s been on the path to find her way back.

Where my inspiration lives

Waves of creative oceans crashing into beaches of creativity

Mountains jettison out over the scenery

Inspiration hid like trees in a forest, virtually meeting you at every turn.

Mania often thought of as inescapable dare not trespass on these lands

Open for interpretation

Happiness unprecedented. A land of freedom.


You’re all I seem to think about

What if I said it scares me too?

Always expect you to be strong.

So afraid to feel anything.

You entered my life and changed everything.

There is nothing I want more

I am more afraid of wasting this precious time then of what you bring

The last time I love this hard he was the wrong guy.

Imagine the Empire I could build with the right guy.

Mister Right Guy no more Mr. Right Now.

Standing alone

A love I nurture alone

in the dark, the late latest part of the night I can reveal myself


No one expects a show from me

So here I dropped the heavy mask I Dawn every morning.

Here I can love you.

Quietly and secretly awaiting the Supreme goddess of love Aphrodite to recognize and reunite us.

I will sit alone in my love.

Spiritual Advisor

Ancient medicine

Healing herbs


Secrets passed from generation to generation

Hands tending to Gardens

Drawing woven in with good intentions

A prayer to deities

Magical decoctions infusions of the mystical and powerful and the natural

Herbs Blended with a natural know how

Tea Awakening

Crazy ex

You left your T-shirt here

I found a random strand of your hair last night

Every part of my house has a random reminder of you in it

I miss you and not in that creepy way that psycho Exes who only dated you for a month do

I just miss you.

You seem like you really wanted to talk but you responded to my Facebook message

I don’t want to read too heavy into this again

Oh crap.

There I go, parachuting, back into my crazy…

The one

You keep all my secrets… My personal confidant.

Unafraid to always be the one to strike the conversation.

My better half.