I had my quill,

And also my parchment.

And I put all my ideas

In my parchment

And saved to my brain.

Making every eye

Have a sight.

And every ear

To listen.

So that every tongue,

Can have a taste of my poetry.

But out of the blue,

I lost my parchment

And only had my quill

Who was jilted.

Thinking that all my dreams

Have been shattered,

I had relinquished.

Because I knew everything has been written

And thought of before

The difficulty is to think

And write on it again.

And I never made use of that quill

Till now,

When I have found

And spouse for it.


World Of Fantasy

I live in a world of fantasy,

I actually roam

In the realms of fantasy.

I find myself

Always lost,

When I find a spot.

Am always walking,

through the tunnel of darkness.

Full of loneliness.

Always hallucinating,

Of being in the realms of creepy-crawly critters.

You know,

This is my fear,

This is why I always cry,

This is why I move to many location,

And in every destination,

I find some medication

For my situation.

But the more I seek

The more this fear makes me sick.

So I gave up!

But now, I will still seek,

Even if it will make me sick.

Because I don’t want to die of this disease.

So I need you to help me seek,

To leave in peace.




Plan For Tomorrow

I will work,

But I am sick.

I was wondering

what I will be doing

On my bed

For my bread.

I was keeping

What I will needing

For my day

So that I don’t delay

The enzymes snack

But I was still sick

So I was not able to gather enough snack.



My sister’s first Sight

A night before my sister saw light

Her carrier was having

And unbearable pain

My sister was struggling

To be let out of the

Spaceless sack

Running towards my sister

And her carrier,

Were mid-wives

Dressed in white clothes.

I could only hear my mom scream

And mid-wives saying “push”

Finally the clock ticked

Into the morning

And I heard the cry

Of my baby sister

Which made me run

With tears of joy

Filling up my whole face

To my father.

Only to make the good news,

known to him.




Season Of Embarrassment

Head bent,

Heart wailing,

Hands Falling

On the sides of the body,

Acquainted to the bustle,

Body becomes heavy

That even the legs begin to shiver.

Not even could she take a step,

In the midst of the heavy crowd.

She was satisfied with

Her clothing

And her behavior

But the fancy crowd wasn’t

All she did was to stand still

And inspect

The crowd’s annoying gaze

Because they were in School

And she needed to comport herself


I Can Now see Clearly

                I Can Now See Clearly 
I move to many location

In every destination,

I find traps,

Giving me slaps.

I find myself falling

In every digging.

I try to find shortcut

In every path.

I can now see,

In every scene.

House Of Illusion

        *House Of Illusion*

There is this carnivore,
That gives me unsolicited escorts.

Though sporadically,
But everywhere.

Believe me

This eyes of mine,
Has seen none animate
But my encephalon has
And so has my dreams.

Having it’s portraits
Saved to my CPU
Makes me feel disconsolate
And insecure.

This heart of mine
Fixed under and around
My breastbone,

Always wailing
To be relieved of
The corollary
Of pumping less blood.

All because of multiple thoughts
Of a single creepy critter

With a beautiful,

But scary structure.











I use to worship
The ground you walk on

But now,
I’ve mov’d to a new location

You use to be my cup of tea,…

But now,

I take champagne

I use to be your robot,

But now Am everything you can’t control

You use to be,

all my heart ever talks about

But now,

It hardly remembers your love

We use to have a full cup of tea

But look,

Its empty

I use to think you took my breath away

But I realize,

I was just suffocated by all your fake love

I use to do anything you ordered

But now,

I’m sorry!

I don’t take orders

I hardly take suggestions

You remind me of a penny

worthless, two-faced

And inside everyone’s pant.

I Am Who I Am

 “I Am Who I Am”

I am me!
Dressed  in my down footed shoes,
And my beautiful hijab.

I am me!
Dressed with no makeup,
Natural with no bleaching.

I am me!
Having no bleaching cream,
Neither do I have any other cosmetics.

But I am still me!
living in a small house,
Belonging to average class family.

Am really me!
Hiding my feelings from no one.
And accepting the fact that
I am a Muslim.
And I worship no other god but Allah.
(Laailaaha ilallah Muhammad Rasulullah).










Al Qur’an

        Al Qur’an

Al Qur’an

You are my lawyer
When am in trouble.

You are the best friend ever,
That talks in parable.

I can only cry on your laps,
Because you are like my mother.

When I recite Ikhlas three times,
You give me peace in my sleep forever.

Al Qur’an

You are my only source
of wealth.

And the only communication device
To Al- Waarith.

You are my only source
of knowledge.

My google,

And my Facebook that connects me
to other believers.


You are

And you will be

My Amazon

Since I will have to read you

Before I can understand

That . . . Is what I call trading.