Prompt 12: way over yonder, where the crawdads sing

Kya, the main character, a young one, spindly one.

She, a knowledgeable one, knows more than she lets on, stronger than a bear.

She looks over, way over yonder, where the crawdads sing, far from home: a stronghold.


A force not to be reckon with/

Elemental of her own right.

Prompt 11: New Zealand

I wonder, always wonder when will I grace your presence, O' lush New Zealand.

The Maori are your people, filled with dances like the haka and poi. 

May I join you soon, I've been longing for far too long.

Prompt 9: 5 Words

Firefly, oh sweet, dear Firefly, why you must use a mask to hide yourself? Do you not see how beautiful you’ve always been to me? A flying gem, is what you are to me, a tiny phoenix, rising above, cinders from an abandoned cottage. I know it may seem strange, maybe it’s the lethargy during this time of Summer, sometimes I can be a bummer.

But, my dear Firefly, little phoenix, you are not strange but a strong petite love.

Prompt 8: Emoji Poem

a poem to transcribeYou got to shape up, ladies and gents!

No, you’re right! The lovely Non-binaries too, is that right? I feel odd. You (All of You) must drink to be in better shape, shape up with your loves! Don’t, I repeat don’t turn a blind eye, so you can shape up…

And not be a sheep.

Prompt 7: Season of Unwinding

Luring myself into a trap,

I then start unwinding, how obtuse of me

To ignore those around me, hindering what I need

To let go those that conspire and acquire.

Prompt 6: Ideal Day

I walk in silence, no roaring in the sky but night air: s t i l l n e s s 

I take off my sweater to feel the cool air, I’m in the backyard, hearing the tang of the birdcalls. I swear they must be singing to me, exclaiming how beautiful the night is and questioning if I smell the water as I near it.

Prompt 5: Imagery

I have a poem for it I take in a breath, smell and taste the salt in water; my tears mixed in, another saline solution. This view is everything to me right here, right now. I feel not so tattered here than in suburbia, as wild as that sounds.

This is everything to me, the stars are wondering like I am. Where I am supposed to go. I thank them for letting me join them, they thank me because I have always been a part of them…stardust.

Prompt 4: Dear Grandma Arlene

Dear Gram: 

Today is your birthday and it's been two years since we have not celebrated with you, physically. Grief has made us stronger, haphazardly. Your Spirit still wanders in and out in the mainframe. Do you feel us? Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. It's in our blood, our life force. 

Do you recall that poem that I did as a tribute to, for you?

What Love makes us become 
After Death, Loss is a beautiful, soulful mystery
Sometimes turbulent 
Other times, a light emerges
A dream tells us
Comforting news

I have my wishes, some sound cliche but most of all, I wish that I had more time with you. 
Understanding how important we needed that time, unless it's timed, our life. 
I'm foolish in that regard. 

Love always,

Prompt 3: The Bop

If you present a problem or a issue, in a relationship, does it help you? 

Would it help, presenting a problem, that is within yourself or another, that you somehow ‘ignore’ emotional ties and stay at the ready, an almost anodyne mindset.

Inoffensive, perfect, almost machine-like: The Specimen.

At The Rawest, supporting the evidence of light/dark, love/apathy dynamics; unfettering but weary that human interaction is key. Too much can affect the self and others in relationships; no matter the bearer of news or, plainly oneself.

Could the problem be the person or an action that they have done?

In humanity, what lies beneath from human interaction is the chance of empathetic, thoughts, and control, which explains at first glace, that it’s not simple DUE to the tragedies of trauma, coinciding in one’s development. With no treatment, individuals may deal with attacking or healing others, a double-edged sword. One can be in pain, reliving their trauma in many various scenes, forgoing the moralities that can be shown or project in stories. If a person is seen as such, an attacker, an apathetic individual, whether they did a “good” or “bad” action to another soul, it would not have any meaning to them but to use someone as a pawn or ally. If a person, has an empathetic personality, they will understand others, feel their pain, emotions, and will do their best to overcome, please another, forging a strange caretaker role; deflating their sense of self. Actions may speak louder than words for the majority but human interaction can be crafty, cunning, hurtful.

Could there be a solution to the problem? 

Repeatedly, with human interaction, a soul bonding treat that can be helpful to those around us, with many various personalities, thoughts. Life can be a whirlwind of emotions, of so many people, reconciling with the self, with others can be helpful – nourishing. Relationships: can entangle, estrange proud people who may have heard or seen horror stories. Coincidentally, we can see ourselves as a problem and a solution, yearning for actions, methodically providing documentation of psychological behaviors.

Alas, the philos can be dense. People can be astute but are so very different in understanding human matters.