Drive (hour 3) by Mrs. J

Driving is an everyday task

But how is it that I ask?

I sit there on the passenger side

looking next to the driver as we ride

He backs out the parking lot

Then makes a turn around a curb.

Then drive on to our destination as he finds the perfect spot

I just saw him drive

Driving is an everyday task

But how is it that I ask?

Me and Mom make plans to go to Walmart

She is careful not to run off the road

Nor run the red light

or any objects seen in sight

At last she has dropped me back at home

Kids are upstairs with husband when I get in

giving me enough time to let my thoughts roam

Driving is an everyday task

But how shall I ask?

I know family , friends, and people who travel abroad

even those right in my city I watch drive effortlessly I applaud

Driving is an everyday task

But who shall I ask?

One of my sweetest friends

Have tons of great ideas for quick and easy hairdos for me that will never end

As we ride in her car

I see one of the greatest thing that she does like a sister

is encourage me by keeping me up to par

that in order for me to drive on my own one day is to believe that God has already answered my prayers..

to let me drive up to speed

I have already asked the right One- yes,indeed!

Recipe for Time by Mrs. J hour 2

Ingredient # 1:faith

Ingredient# 2:knowledge

Ingredient #3:understanding

Ingredient # 4: patience

Ingredient # 5: doubt

Faith is the substance of things hoped for but evidence not seen

knowledge is known facts, skills or information

understanding is the ability to understand something or comprehend and is another word for wisdom in understanding in knowing how to use the knowledge you gain

patience is the capability to accept delays, troubles, sufferings

doubt is a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction

In this large world where time is very consuming which can result in you easily getting lost or losing focus on where you’re going in life you can combine 2 equal amounts or 2 full cups of the knowledge and understanding together. This knowledge can be gained through reading scriptures out of The Word of God or newspapers, magazines, or any other source that holds valuable, healthy information. You can pray for understanding (wisdom) any time or day about what you see, feel or experiencing if it happen to be alittle or much confusing to you.

Then as you whisk those two together start stirring in about half a cup of faith and a full cup of patience which can heated up on high in your life. You will need these two ingredients along with what you already know to help sustain you on this solid foundation or build up a base as there may be some delays, sufferings, troubles, or setbacks.

This is where doubt may come in causing fear and uncertainty about what you believe or who you believe in but beat or throw it out and pour in some more faith until you only have a smooth combination of knowledge, understanding, and patience helping you to continue to move forward in a positive, clear manner.

You can continue to repeat this process with faith and you can even serve it along with any toppings such as family, friends, spouse, etc to help you make this one of a kind recipe of time! Enjoy cold or hot!


Run(hour 1) by Mrs. J

Has anyone ever paid attention to how Forest Gump run?

One may say in the beginning he was trained to run out of fear to to protect himself and stay out of trouble

Another may say but by time he got older he ran with perseverance

In the end many may say everything he did in running paid off in double

I say he ran in faith

he never knew what the end results was going to be

But he always built up that confidence to run prior to what he could see

I never once had a dream to run like he did

But my challenges started like him as a kid

I use to run for fun

But then one day I went from being able to move freely to a wheelchair quickly learning how to walk all over again

that seemed to slow me down

Not knowing that I already had someone training me too

A friend.. I found out His name is Jesus who wears the crown

To help me be the influential woman I know personally

Through faith

I run with confidence and perseverance with fear at times I face

But through it all His power and glory I still can embrace

All the running which will help me leave my troubles behind

So I can be one of the walking, talking encouraging, influential woman of human kind


Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be on here with you guys especially because this is my first time participating in this poetry marathon or anything like this online. On top of that, the day that the marathon starts which is June the 27th will also be my birthday! I been writing poetry since the age of 10 years old and I believe GOD has answered my prayers and opened up a door for me to share it with the world.