Prompt 24

again, the end

Stayed up twenty-four
to write all my poetry
and eight more to start…
noq I will soask in my bath
as sunrise writes its poem

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 23

The Bar

We all have a favored seat,
and of course we all compete
to be there when the slots
start to pop.

We could mix each other’s drink,
we would scarcely need to think.
We could even make the order
for the owners.

The drunkards and the whiners,
the liars and maligners,
we know them all, just like
we know ourselves,

because we are…
at the bar.

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 22

Mobius Strip

Moby, if you show me yours,
I promise to show you mine…?
I should have expected a
One-sided affair…

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 21

The Letter

Dear John
(or was it Jim?),
I remember all the fun
we had last year
(no, that was Jack),
but now I must move on.
I’m leaving you the kid.
Please name him Joe Jr.
after you
I’ll never forget you, Joe
(no, Julio!).

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 20


Three friends set out on a search for fun
Late on a summer day,
Bruno the bear and Sally the girl,
While Reynard the fox leads the way.

The plants have gone old but the walls still bloom
And the colors show them the way.
They know where to travel, they know what to do,
Late on a summer day.

They sing and they dance,
They laugh and they play,
Until daylight’s ending
Takes them away.

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 19


Pardon me, Father,
if my sins
offend you.
I enjoyed them.

Pardon me, lady,
if I hold
my place in line.
Your brat’s not cutting.

Pardon me, boss,
I don’t deserve
the crude remarks
at the water cooler.

Pardon me, folks,
but you’re not pardoned.
I don’t do that.
Go ask the POTUS.

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 18

snow leopard

as silent as the northern steppes,
as mysterious as the barren mountain,
the snow leopard crosses into dusk,
its tail curved behind it.

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 16

Ghazal: God Knows

Now where do I go from here? God knows!
God may not speak to me, but God knows.

A forest of poets has sprung up.
How do they grow and flourish? God knows.

How can I see what I write about
When I just lost an eye tooth? God knows.

Without sleep, without food or water,
Where do these poems come from? God knows.

Tiger has lost herself in poems.
Now where does she go from here? God knows!

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

Prompt 15


My husband had
A heart attack.

To save his life
They stopped his life.

They split his chest.
They stopped his breath.
They stopped his blood.
They stopped his heart.

They took his life
And gave him life.

I lived.
He stopped.
We ;ive again.

©Ardelle Hollis Ray

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