The periwinkle blooms in its lilac beauty
And spreads its leaves as if in prayer
And the cloud mirrors its pose
The needle-like beat from heart to heart
Creates ripples like a piece of art

BEE (Nonet)

Its flight was one brave and bold attempt

Flying flying swirling with ease

Hunting looking finding target

Aha a beauty one so sweet

Off he glides to the side, front, back

With all his might he did what’s right

To the flower of choice so bright

Its nectar was sipped, happiness

Off to the next one off he went


WE get to sing “Auld Lang Syne” aloud and greet all of them with a hug

Toast to a sparkling wine and watch the lights from afar

Toast, hug, greet, shout, eat, dance, repeat

New year’s day is such a sweet treat.


With the cold wind that is felt and the dew of the petals shimmer
While the birds are in the mood I wander leisurely in the cold

The pavement-noise echoes the scented flowers scream
I wander alone leisurely as if in a dream

The drizzle so cold made the night even more beautiful
And poets dream poets write as they stare at the moon

Under the street light so bright I stood undecided
Whether to go left or right or straight ahead

And still savor the moment, a magnificent feeling
And enjoy the serenity in every step beaming

Night wandering is my favorite night wandering is sweet
A nightly routine I enjoy doing and something I won’t forget

A step to unknown beauty and inexplainable moment of bliss
A thing I will treasure and something I will not miss


Normal is like a thing in the past
With all the things happening like a blast
All changed everything was different
And all of this happen in the current

But with all the negative events happening
There are things that are surely flattering
The earth breathed and rested for a while
She was cleansed widely mile after mile

People stayed indoors pollution was less
Factories shut down there was only less mess
The scare that transpired made our home so refreshed
Its a scare yes it is but some issues were addressed

Normal no more yes this is true
But it gave our world a different hue
We wish to return to the things that used to
When we do then for sure we will have a new view


This time of mourning because you left
Mother it is hard everyone seems so weak
Your voice in the morning when you try to wake us up
Won’t be heard anymore and the way that you laugh

Your absence dear mother is a thing we can’t bear
Your absence oh mother is something we all share
Because you’re one of a kind oh so patient
Missing you so dearly is an understatement

This too shall pass yes we hope so we do
But this is you oh mother I am sure it ain’t true
Of all the pain that we had this is the most
And for sure this will last and will always haunt

This too shall pass this we hope till the end
Time will heal all our hearts in no time it will
If we won’t get through this, if we won’t heal
Our pain, our loss we will all just conceal


The time capsule in my backyard had a pill inside it
A pill that allows you to return anytime
One that allows you to talk to anyone that has left
What excitement it just gives excitement in my chest

I might get back to when Lady Di was alive
And will see how she helps those who need care and love
I might find out how life would be made easier
And learn how to be a little bit wiser

And also I will talk to our Jose Rizal
Maybe have him coach me how to write a novel
Or see how Spanish have ruled us so bad
And help him strategize how to win such a fight

Then I’ll return to the time when father was here
And have coffee and discuss how we will repair
Unfinished businesses and conversations
How to triumph in life how to be heroes

There are things i have to know, things from the past
To know how to pass the struggles at present
To talk to those who know to succeed at present
Yes I will do it yes I’m willing to wait.


Do not fret don’t be sad if today you have failed
If things didn’t go and happen as planned
After all my friend tomorrow is another day
There is hope there is hope just work hard and pray

If people you hope to help didn’t help out as expected
Do not worry there’ll be more who are willing when needed
One by one they will come to lend a helping hand
They will come do not fret they will come just in time

If it rains if it thunders if the day turns out bad
Just go on do not stop just move on don’t be sad
Worry not help will come, it will come as a surprise
In no time you will see in your life you will rise.

After all tomorrow my friend is another day
If life is unfair its okay its not fair anyway
Like the sun that emerges on a daily basis
You will too cause after all tomorrow is another day.


First there was Katniss and then there was hunger
Then off she goes to the game, the Hunger Games
The vast arena where death awaits
Was something that man creates

One by one the players are shown
Little by little death won
Katniss the crowd favorite
Earned favors and earned gifts

Her people rely on her so she needs to stay alive
Their hunger became her strength and got her vibe
And so until the end it is she that emerged
So strong and so charming She was full of courage

She was now the winner and people were so glad
They’ve been fed became full , food was enough
The courage that she had had earned her a spot
Her people and their hunger made her strong and fought.

Of Fallen Flowers

Fallen flowers are always a joy to the heart
Fallen as they are they bring beauty and art
Their silence and their grace make a sad heart smile
The dew in their petals is always worthwhile

Fallen flowers are always a joy to the heart
Muted as they are they create an impact
They still serve their purpose still work overtime
They still do what they’re called like little old chime

Fallen flowers are always a joy to the heart
Fallen as they are still beautiful as a tart
Fallen yes fallen but still serve its purpose
Still a beauty like a red red rose

Fallen flowers are always a joy to the heart
Fallen though fallen creates its canvass an art
And will lift every spirit every sad heart gleeful
still serving its purpose making sad heart cheerful.

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