Poem 12 (Hour 12) Desire


i feel my path stony in detail

perhaps mirth is curtailed

even the morning breeze doesn’t gale

for my smile, the twinkling stars fail

what has infected my zesty soul?

or perception responsible, my loss at whole

when I used to see dampening moon

in hope to leave misery soon

hovering clouds, not for petty darkness

but décor the beauty with sharpness

who has dislocated me, from the path of life?

instead of a rose, who handled the thrones

just a spark of love, requested I

a gentle hand to wipe my eye

to banish the tempest of sigh

should be one, instead of bi

when will I be reasoned to live?

ah! Oceanic passions to whom I give

Poem 11 (Hour 11) Qundeel

Holy Place


I wish, I would sit

In the holy place of peace

Where, nobody can interrupt or break

The invisible thread of discourse

Between creator and creature

I wish, I could touch that peak

Doing useful deeds, instead of scream

I wish, I die on the place

To feel the pleasure even after death

Poem 10 (Hour 10) Qundeel

In the moonlight

I was walking alone

With nerves, I started a fight

To remember people who gone

Is forgetfulness easy?

Doing nothing but looking busy

Meanwhile, I visited myself

Like dusty books on shelf

In the moonlight I find my worth

Nothing is useless, as my birth

Poem 9 (Hour 9) Qundeel

I wish, I have a cottage

Just behind the treeline

There will be no noise

Enjoy the abundance of cloys

I made a strange porridge

Its heat attracts a firefly

Which sits on the bottle

To share my meal and love

Suddenly, I broke my dream

And breathe in lethargy of life

Poem 8 (Hour 8) Qundeel


Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright

Under the trees and falling night

Who I am? Rising with questioning eyes

By moving forward and back to get sigh!

Poem 7 (Hour 7) Season of Serenity!

Season of Serenity!


my heart has been lodged

in a very colourful, pleasant domain

where love is an activity to play

with or Without mindfulness

i have been deserted by a facial charm

but could not control the wills and get harm

that time was time of helplessness

what an unmuted recklessness

and the fraction of time ceases forever

i oath to do this never

that fragment puts me in serenity

i started to enjoy universe in cecity


Poem 6 (Hour 6) Qundeel

My Special Day

When our hands were smacking

And all elements were tracking

A beautiful bridge across the oceans

Tearful eyes but pent up emotions

Two different bodies going to unite

Finally, souls exposed to true light

The day where I met with my mate

Subdued to all forces of my fate

Poem 5 (Hour 5) Qundeel



I dreamt, a dream about perfection

Without envy, malice and racial section


I have designed a boat of my life

On which I sail the thing I strive


All the natural elements praise me

Bounteous ocean, stars and birds on tree


My goal is shining behind the hills

I will manipulate all energy, tactics and skills


I am a rebel, can’t travel on another boat

Sail will be mine, that fate, I wrote.

Poem 4 (Hour 4) Qundeel

“Lost Love”

My love, i am buried with you
Without you, I cannot find me too

The day you departed from the world
I am motionless and have been curled

From my day to day activities of life
I am bored and feel under a sharp knife

Your every memory, scratched my soul
I am a dead, crawling towards aimless goal

Poem 3 (Hour 3) Qundeel

“Fake Riches”

Is love the right of only rich?
The person who has drowned in money
Gold and property are key of admiration
But internally, he is hollow
Hollow like an empty skeleton
I don’t want to be rich like that!

People spend life in collections
Collection of material things only
Their standard is just to show off
New houses, tops and world tours
Are they attained much riches?
Or trying to hide their skeleton face
Mask after mask, only they have to do.
I don’t want to be rich like that

They have everything not time.
They have wealth, not health
Are they foolish or really fine
Spending everything, couldn’t earn time.
Cessation of time, felt by a poor hat
I don’t want to be rich like that.

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