Don’t stop belivin’

Don’t stop belivin’

In what you have dreamt

For the world is ment

To keep you depressing.


Don’t stop belivin’

For after every sunset

There is a new hope of sunrise

So keep hoping till you become achieving.


Don’t stop belivin’

For it is the lifeline

That keeps you going

Till there is breath in your living.

The baby pigeon

One fine morning as I stood in balcony

To breathe in the air freshy

My eyes caught sight of

A pigeon grey-black on the corner pot.


As our sights held each other together

She hastly ran and took on flight.

This was what everyday happened

Between me and her for a day or two more.


Finally one morning, as usual

I stood in the balcony

And she flew off slowly

Leaving behind her pair of  li’l egg twinkle.


This wrote a new chapter in my life

Of expectant pigeon’s life.

In a fortnight, I was blessed

With two little angels yellow-brown.


Instilling new hopes in my soul

As I saw her nurture her kids

Putting little in their mouth, food

And warming her under her feather.


On one night windy

Rain was lashing badly

Pouring all drops in her pot

So I shaded her house with asbestos sheet.


Slowly they shed their yellow-brown hair

To put on grey-black feather

And then they spread their wings

Practicing to fly within the premises.


Most of the time I saw them dozing

And thought they might have fallen sick

When one fine day they took their maiden trip

Enjoying the freedom to flip.


Off and on now they visited my hearth

Only to have the grains I spread

But by a months time they gained strength

And flew off in the world so wide.


Wisdom of the child

I was not even one year-old

When my inquisitive nature

Dipped my li’l hand on fluid white

Burning all the baby cell to ruin.


Pathetic was my condition

With a massive dressing on

And baby child have no freedom

But this was the call for her to sum.


At an early age of three

Stole her father, the hero true

And her mother tried hard

Until the lesson of death she understood.


Forgetting her own pain

Over the loss of her husband

She was more concerned

To teach patiently her daughter, death pain.


And the time with my siblings

Never skip my mind ever

Because they were the real gems

That completed my life forever.

The Soul’s cry

Let us go then, you and I

To the mountain castle

Over the east horizon.


To the mountain castle

Which is explicit outside

But inside is dark and dingy.


Over the east horizon

Which was always calling on

As if I have some association.


Let us go then, you and I

To explore what know not I

But my soul always cry.



Deep down in my soul

Enchantress queen cast spell

Eloquently withholding me in her eye

Rearing hours where she could successfully elope.


The poison tree by William Blake


I was angry with my friend:

I told my wrath and my wrath did end,

I was angry with my for:

I told it not, my wrath did grow.


And I watered it in fears

Night and morning with my tears;

I sunned it with smiles,

And with soft deceitful wiles.


And it grew both day and night,

Till it bore an apple bright;

And my foe beheld it shine,

And he knew it was mine,


And into my garden stole

When the night had veiled the pole:

In the morning glad I see

My foe outstretched beneath the tree.


The stillness of the body if my foe

Should have brought my body to glow

Had it been sowed with a conscience

That was not covetous like mine.


How much I long see him back

But life once gone never come back.

Why did U sow the seed of anger

That charred both of us together.


I never wanted him to live

Till the time he was alive

Because anger was right there in my mind

Gruelling what was suppose to bind.


Now I regret my poisonous anger most

That took my friend so close

Only because I refused him to respect

More than my ego divine.


Dear sister I love you

Dear sister I am blessed to have you

For in time of trouble

You stand right by my side supporting

That I might not fall.

You are the one I miss the most

Ever since you got married

Because you were the one

With whom I shared all.

How can I forget those all days

When I was depressed

And no way suit me best

But your trust never gave up on me.

And those days of pranks

When I was about to be caught

You just took all blame

To save my back from cane.

O dear sister I love you so much

For every thing you did

To keep me healthy and sound

And making my life meaningful.

The life of uncertainity

On a windy day I was away

Tearing my way against blow

When all of a sudden a seed feathery

Kissed my face and refused to go.


That was one of the uncertain journey

The seed took to meet its face.

She knew nothing but just flew by

Hoping to get the tight soil to germinate.


The seed of hope was must

To take the final step ahead

In the direction correct

Till the time you don’t grip the grid.


Many times we give up

Because we know not the future

So fear pull us down

Shattering our hopes to shine.


Growing distress

Over the moor I stood alone

Giving the staring look to all

That was reduced to ashes

Within fraction of seconds.


My eyes were moistened

As I was  shackled with grip

Seeing my own family in the apocalypse

That engulfed the nation complete.


Hour when my heart elated
As we enter in the phase
Liked by every human race
Cooing with cymbals and keys
Yet not every one get blessed with it
Over the sequel of events that build
Never wanting to give up the tranquility donned.