Glowing box

A bustling city sidewalk

people rushing to and fro

would offer up a greeting

ask the time, and say hello

a family at dinner

chatting on about their day

the air filled with such laughter

as children run and play


The faces on the sidewalk

no longer stop to greet

the families don’t sit down

together when they eat

a playground much less vibrant

the children all but lost

they all have been held captive

by a glowing info box

The Night

My heart sings of Your goodness

even in the night

though there is no showing

of a coming light

Though my soul is weary

and longs for things desired

a hope inside springs forward

ignites a tiny fire

Even when i stumble

as the darkness closes in

on You I am relying

to give me peace within

A light will burst forth shortly

the dark will soon be gone

night doesn’t last forever

soon will come the dawn



The gust of a strong wind

that bursts through the trees

a melody puts

the musician at ease


Like floodwaters ravished

by dry thirsty land

is a poet in motion

with pen in his hand


A swift rushing river

of fresh melted snow

the bush of a painter

the colors, they flow


A glimpse of the lover

the heart feels the rapture

the click of a camera

beauty is captured


As a new mother clings

to the child that is born

an artist holds tightly

to the creation he formed


Inside there lives a monster

It wreaks havoc on my soul

to utterly destroy me,

is it’s final goal

The taste of it is pleasing,

as I take it in

Satisfaction for a moment,

I need it once again

Inside, I’m slowly dying

I cant resist the pull

It leaves me dark and empty

it never leaves me full

When I try to fight it,

the stronger it becomes

The need once again arises

and to it I succumb

I’ve prayed for God to take it

and still it takes a hold

His grace is sufficient

is what I’m often told

But I cannot resist it

on my own I often fall

So again on my Jesus

I make a heartfelt call

Will I ever rise above this

Or am I doomed to be

forever in its clutches

It’s slowly drowning me

I’ve even tried to hide it

but it grows larger still

It swallows me in darkness

this cannot be your will

Why can’t you take this from me

I beg you, set me free

I fear it holds me back

from all I’m meant to be

How can you look upon me

and love me all the same

when inside me grows a monster

that I just cannot tame


A heart so badly broken

every beat brings pain

tears that flow are calling

to never fall again


scars all on the surface

run deeper than the eye

a wall has formed around it

higher than the sky


A brave one sees the tower

and venture in they must

and soon this mighty wall

is nothing more than dust


The heart is beating wildly

afraid that it might fall

but the brave one holds it gently

and proves love conquers all


A Brief Intro

I’m a little late posting my introductions and such but I’m here!

I like to keep introductions short and sweet.

My name is Rebecca and I live in Texas. Writing in one of my passions as I’m sure it is with everyone participating in this marathon. I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. A little disclaimer about my poetry is that it has a tendency to be spiritual. I cannot separate myself from my faith because it has gotten me through a lot.

This is a big step for me because normally I only share my writing with people I know and trust. I love challenges and will do my best to complete this marathon.

Thanks for reading!