Prompt 11

I was the child of sea foam and storm

I thrashed about my ocean

In its safe and sultry darkness.

hearing only echos of a distant land

When I came too

I cupped my ears

The voices so shrill and loud

The world bright like I’d never seen before

I thrashed about naked

and tried to tell them

Put me back to the water I screamed

But they couldn’t understand my tongue


to be continued

God I’m glad that song is over

God, I’m glad that song is over

With its upbeat drum beat and plucky guitar

It’s one love, one world kind of strut.

Imagine all the people

trying to change the world

with just a song

You’re kinda cute but don’t bother trying

to fix everything that we’ve done wrong.




Child – Prompt 9

This is not the first time I’ve

escaped my capture in a bottle

on a dewy summer’s night

The air thick like a sticky porridge


A child trapped me once

She emerged from the nearby cottage.


I remember the heat of her sticky hands

As well as  the strange look of her toothless smile

As she released me


Zoom! I flew free up up up into

far into the tree-line.


Emoji Poem- Prompt 8

You are my elfin queen

of sparkling hearts

when you wear that dress

I imagine you frolicking

with the flowers

or stargazing by the sea

You make music and magic

and I love you



Season of Friendship- Prompt 7

I remember a time when
We waded in the creek
digging for the smoothest rocks
nestled in the murky sand below
the ones that leaked red and blue and green
We would drag them on our cheeks
and arms to decorate our bodies
with muddy war paint.
We would play in the field
And grab handfuls of dandelions.
I would put them in your hair and
Your’s in mine.
We’d blow the seeds as far as we could.
And summer would last forever
“it only takes one seed
To make at least a hundred more flowers”, I told you once
but you didn’t believe me.
We soaked in the sun and ate popsicles
My legs had hair already and yours were still bare.
Both of our feet looked the same
ruddy with blisters, cuts and mosquito bites.
Years later it was summer again
but your eyes had long frozen over
I held dandelions tall and wispy
Beneath your lips , but you turned away
That stuff is childish, you said








A Perfect Day – Prompt 6

coffee with cinnamon

sunlight drowns the room

my favorite dress

no underwear

no shoes

Outside its quiet

I only hear the sound

of branches swaying

and the faint hum of wind chimes

I swing in the hammock

it carries me like a sunny womb

Then I remember

I left grapes in the freezer

Ripe and cold for my perfect day

In the sun I devour them like candy





Prompt 5

In the valley grew a bounty

of ripe fruits and honeysuckle

and mimosa flowers that danced

on the trees like fuscia feathers

sifting through the breeze.


Myth said death lived here,

But the opposite was true.

Our bread was hot and scored with

amber and cinnamon.


Our children ate citrus fruits

As they learned the names of

Gods and animals before us.

We danced together

Every Friday night.





Inti and the Son – Prompt 3

I’ve been blessed to dance beneath your rays

To lay beneath your warm embrace

But cold comes quickly in the shade

As shadows start to overtake

My god my god, come back I beg

I am not ready for the end of days.


Oh, my glorious light


What is this that I have defied

For my light to die out right before me

We wail in grief and gather in mourning

Circle our crops and heed your warning.

Please accept our offerings .


Oh, my glorious light


He promised not to scream– he was my good little one

Jahni’s blood blessed the ground that we stand upon.

Take him, I beg to our glorious sun.

The rays lift and warm me but my son is gone.

Oh, my glorious light



Recipe for Disaster – Prompt 2

1) Lack of self love 2) Alcohol 3) Jealousy 4) Bad Decisions 5) Lack of Communication


I address the mirror for the sixth time today

“Not that lipstick

Use another lipstick”

I scrub till my lips feel raw.

Then take a shot.


“I can see your stomach

Through your shirt.

You ate too much bread.”

What were you thinking?

I change again

and take a shot.


“It would be better if you looked like her

blonde hair, so tall so thin.

All the thing’s you’re not.”


I think I’ll stay in.

Do another shot.

then 1 more shot.

then 1 more shot.