Hour Twenty Four

Sleep- that sweet abyss

Something that I fondly miss

But there is much to do and much to see

Besides, my mind is a traitor to me

So many thoughts dance through my head

As I lie awake upon my bed

Reliving the events of every day

Regrets and troubles won’t go away

Things I’ve said, things not done

Chances missed, races not run

In my brain a war is waged

Deep within me, a beast uncaged

So sweet sleep escapes me still

I think that it forever will

Until that day my name is called

When I may rest, once and for all

Hour Twenty Three

I am broken and imperfect

I wonder if I’ll ever be good enough

I hear ravens speak

I see dragons dance

I want to fly away

I am broken and imperfect


I pretend I am happy

I feel the weight of the world

I touch the edge of greatness

I worry that this is all there is

I cry for who I was meant to be

I am broken and imperfect


I understand that this too shall pass

I say, “Things will get better.”

I dream that one day they will

I try to hold on to that dream

I hope no one ever sees

I am broken and imperfect

Hour Twenty Two

The fairy tales got it wrong

They end at the beginning

Real love isn’t the chase

It’s what happens after the race

It’s hard work to love someone

And that work never ends

Midnight comes after every ball

And you have to learn to love their flaws

Hour Twenty One


It means tortured, confused, genius

It is the number thirteen

It is like a midnight dreary

It is pondering over forgotten lore

It is the memory of the lost Lenore

That taught me grief and loss

When her story unfolded

His name was Poe

It means he believed in Nevermore…

Hour Twenty

I search for that piece

The one that was left behind

That one elusive piece of the puzzle

That will help make sense of it all

I look under couch and chair

In cushions and crevices

Was it left at the market?

Perhaps back at school?

Did I misplace it at my mother’s?

Now when did I last see it?

I’m sure it was long ago

Perhaps it was thrown out

Tossed away with other unneeded things

Yet still I search

No stone left unturned

That ever elusive piece

The one that will make me whole

Hour Nineteen


Wise, Impish, Charming, Brave

Sibling of Jamie and Cersei

Lover of Wine and Women

Who Fears Ignorance

Who Needs Unconditional Love

Who Gives Undiluted Truth

Who Would Like to See the Raison D’etre

Resident of Westros


Hour Eighteen


Written, Spoken

Promising, Influencing, Deceiving

Letters, Phrases, Substance, Results

Fulfilling, Showing, Proving

Desirable, Sincere


Hour Seventeen

If the mirror never lies, how do I not recognize me?

How is it I’ve become just what you wanted me to be?

I twist and turn and break and bend

To fit the mold you’ve put me in.

Now in the mirror I look to see

There’s nothing really left that’s me…

Hour Sixteen


I find myself with hope
I found once in a dream
It has helped me cope
This elaborate scheme
Like washing with soap
To be bright as a beam

And to be that beam
It is my hope
So I continue my scheme
Which helps me cope
I live my dream
In bubbles of soap

Bubbles of soap
Cleanly beam
My only hope
This crazy scheme
And still I cope
Because it is my dream

Yes, I have a dream
Built on soap
I’ll continue to beam
I’ll continue to hope
I’ll follow this scheme
How else do I cope

Sincerely I cope
With this wild dream
Holding the hope
One day I’ll beam
Without any soap
Without any scheme

The end of the scheme
No need to cope
Now a new dream
I’ve run out of soap
And now I’ll beam
With a new hope hope

So my hope and my scheme
From my dream I did cope                  Just soap to make me beam

Hour Fifteen

I, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave you:

My mind-

Where dreams of greatness once manifested,

Where a plethora of useless knowledge once swam,

Where words of wisdom once danced,

Where hopes and aspirations once congregated,

Where fond memories now lie.

My hands-

That once held the precious cargo of my future,

That once caressed the intimate places of ones who promised forever,

That once cradled my head weary of the world,

That once clenched in outrage, anger, and grief,

That once rose in compliance and surrender.

My heart-

Full of love for ones deserving and undeserving,

Full of admiration for those who stood brave and strong,

Full of compassion for the downtrodden and despaired,

Full of regret for chances not taken and mistakes made,

Full of sorrow for broken trust and untruth.

My soul-

Which embodies all of me:

Every thought, every feeling, every hope, every dream, every memory, every secret of who I was truly meant to be.

Mind, Hand, Heart, and Soul: My Legacy for You…

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