Mine Very Short Love Story

I got goosebumps
at midnight,
when he held me tight.

We looked each other
being lost in each other side.

millions of days are gone
Now he says
hold our baby’s finger tight.

My AaBb Poem

As dusk emerge
as black is on verge.
Book of love opens
believing,you are still there in my pages.


Distance, not mere word
kills me like sword.
Feelings desire for him
needs want him
craves search him,
at last its only dark and grim.

The roses, deep in my pages
finds him missing
the way he is kissing.
Distance remains the same
stupid, quiet and lame.

Eyes and pain goes alone in bed
making me more of red and red.
Stars and night claim him
distance says,
dusk and dawn are never one
and I sleep alone as there is no one.

Words appear on letter
making sort of better.
He comes like heaven
distance become wild,
later to nothing
at last she meets her everything.


Night has always been so boring
unless you touched my body,
where your cuddle is soothing
makes my heart hooting.
The night brings screams of love
you kiss me most,
the way hate is lost.
Flight is your and mine
I want all nights
just last night kind.

A Fallen leaf

Leaves fall like
broken joy,
from her beloved tree.
Pain is felt by both
the dying leaf,falling free
and lonely tree.

My Love Poem

He is a lovely jailor
who loves me in cage of his arm,
making me warm.
His kiss is a miss
that’s why I am piss.
my god knows how my cleavage survive
without his bite,
while I miss that lovely ride
craving to be soon his wife.


If we can’t
fill tiny stomach,
let us try
to save one single grain
that made tiny stomach drain.

If we can’t
make tiny face happy,
let us try
to be a clown
that will make their sadness down.

If we can’t
take care of tiny
let us try
to pray for small hand
that they soon become grand.

My Venture

I can venture out right now,
in sloppy hills of valleys
where every height gives fright.

The ups and down are sudden,
when I am on car of wooden.
I ride the car, getting millions of scars
to make memorable my drastic oldage
while I enjoy my venturous coverage.

Her World

Bare feet
with dwindling heat,
entered this world
with hope of her own world.

The world,gloomy,grimmy
disheartened her,
every stride frightened her
despite she imagined her own world.

Rose queen
killed by her thorns,
left nothing to torn.
She rose again
with hope of her own world.