Olive the pet cat

Olive, the pet cat had olive green eyes. I was seven when I picked her from some roadside. I cannot recall the exact place. She looked starved. So I got her home. Named her olive which my friends said was funny for a cat. It sounds more like a name for a parrot. I loved olive though she littered here and there and my mum got angry. But we toilet trained her. But after somedays Maa said olive is not a she turned out to be a tomcat.

Olive was my favourite pet

Yes it was a tomcat.

He put on so much weight

But he died when I was ten

And now I feel nostalgic

Immortalising him with my pen.

Heart on sleeve

So I will wear my heart on my sleeve

And give it to the boy who passes by me

He will notice not and go away

And I’ll cry my eyes out all night all day

I’ll sabotage him of breaking my heart

I’ll try to forget him with chocolate ice cream and lemon tart.

The next day I’ll wake up new

Fresh as morning dew

Dust him off my shoulder,

Brush off the memories like autumn leaves

And stitch a new heart on my sleeve.

Summers last a little more

Its a story… a verse written to rhyme…
A thought that flows in the soul
and makes the whole world radiant
with an eternal glow.

When the snow covered the ground..
and fog made the vision low..
I held you close to my heart..
and the memories brought the warmth.. the sunshine…!!

When everything seemed cold…
and even teardrops froze..
I held you close to my heart..
and felt the summers in my soul..!!

When the earth dried up..

and trees looked barren..
I held you close to my soul..
and springs danced at every sight.!!
When nature seemed to mourn
and cry its heart out…
You held me close to you
and we smiled and echoed our happy voices loud..!!

When the whole world is sad
its the season of gloom…
Hold me in your embrace..
and let our LOVE bloom…!!!

Because when am with you the winters just fade away..
and the summer lasts a little more..!!


The moon looked down

Saw the earth beaming blue

With ocean filled with mermaids and gardens where fairies flew.

The moon sparkled silver

And rays of calm crystal fell on earth;

Hush!the wind

Rush the enchantress.

Go look now, there she is with magic smeared in her eyes.

The Moonchild.


You are the one I adore..

Love you the most.

You are the one I care for the most.

You are my world.. My happiness.  My strength

and no thank you will ever be enough.

Run wild with me..!!

In journeys, I know..
I can run away,
I can leave all and go.
Run, until there is no more running..
Only some searching and a lot of finding.
Running to… Towards a home..
When in the greens of the meadows
And the light of the Sun.
I’ll be held in the warmth of your arms..
And I shall be home.
When the wind moves in my hair,
And your fingers detangle those wild knots. My soul will sing the same song that your heart whispers,
And all my wanderness and wilderness will know peace and rest I’ll know how clouds melt and heaven tastes like.
I’ll let your hand wrap mine,
And look at you with dream filled eyes..
You won’t hold me back..
But run wild with me this time..
To the hills, the valleys, to somewhere near the sea..
Where you and I will love more and more. And just be..!!

I am

More than my name
More than my walk
More than my relationship with a man
Am full in my incompleteness
I ain’t the one God created next.

More than the size of my waist
More than the curve of my hips
More than the inches of my heels
I am a woman and Yes I feel everything deeper than it is.

More than just a toy in bed
More than just a punching bag
More than merely a hand to hold
Am a lady with layers and folds.

More than a need
More than a want
Am more you than I am me.

I do cry over small little things
on hair fall and a broken nail
I do stain the sheets while PMSing
And gulp on chocolates like a maniac.

I love too deep
and smile too real
am not perfect:
am just me
Am a woman
who doesn’t shout for superiority.

Am asking for something we all deserve
It’s sunshine in a world of storms and rains.

Dear pen

Dear pen, will you please bleed and die to the last drop.

I’ve a wound so deep

There is blood in my mouth, and an ocean uneasy in my eyes.

Dear pen will you please bleed and die.

I’ve a story to tell but words so not ready to pour

I’ve a memory to forget but it is a moment engraved now.

Dear pen will you please bleed and die.

Oh!Love of mine

Oh! Love of mine.

pour on some more dreams in my cup and let me drink on tonight.
But if our togetherness turns out a reality,
Wake me up and hold me tight.
Pour some happiness into my glass and fill it to the brim.
One sip at a time, turn after turn
You drink from the cup, I drink from your smile.


From my electric toothbrush to hair straightener.

My cell phone my laptop.

The tick tock battery driven clock

Social network, facebook , instagram snapchat.

One click and the world knows all.

3..2..1 mission to mars.

Boom a nuclear blast.