18. Moment of Joy

She shouted,
for help,
from this trap.
She is trapped
in a moment of joy,
she wished it to last
forevers are dangerous.
Her moment of joy
is turning into
moment pain
and she’ll soon
hate it,
as boredom starts to work.
Poor one,
all she wanted was to be happy
little did she know
forevers are dangerous.

17. Fractals

The closer I got,
the farther I was.
You think you got it,
its deceiving.
The same pattern
over and
over and
over again
beyond dimensions.
On each groove,
there’s infinite more.
A blink of an eye,
and your life ends,
on one of those grooves.

16. Coffee

Eyes burning,
limbs tired,
head throbbing,
the world went grimmer,
darker and sad.
What do I need
to go on

15. Cold

The cold creep up,
through the skin,
into the bones,
into the soul.
All I could do was
to think about you,
the warmth,
the heat.
Wonder what it did,
was it warmth
or a sharp chill
right in the heart.
Out bodies were warm,
but the heart,
a bit too cold.
It kills me,
and then,
all at once.

14. Broken Chair

You see,
the chair,
its broken now.
Got it for free,
when the old lady
down the hill passed away.
A nice chair it was,
pure mahogany.
Someone broke it.
No one knows,
no one saw,
how it happened.
My bet is on him,
that nasty little kid
who lives by the church.
I tried to fix it,
with these little screws,
and extra mahogany.
You see,
its a tricky thing to do,
very hard,
all these ancient craftsmanship!
It fell apart,
not my fault
and its broken now.

13. Escape

The throbbing pain,
the deafening noise,
and bright lights.
Its everywhere,
they are everywhere,
where to escape?
Whom to escape from?
Today’s far away land
and tomorrow’s hell,
it’s all the same.
Maybe its some game,
maybe this is life.
Chains and tiny cubicles,
torture and pain.
‘Big Brother’ is watching.

(‘Big Brother’-inspired from 1984 by George Orwell)

12. Gathering

They came in,
one by one,
well dressed,
in colors and glitter
with music and hugs.
Dirges and laments flowed,
eulogies were said.
It was a merry goodbye.

11. Jargon

And you went on talking
in a jargon I couldn’t understand,
about things I don’t care about.
You have read ‘important’ books,
which I clearly haven’t.
And when you talked about
those things that mattered to me,
I was wrong,
just an ignorant fool
and I believed you
until I realized
that the jargon you spoke
was of elite class,
and I’m unaware of it.

10. Little Bird

A tiny little bird
lived in a grandfather clock
in a shepherd’s home
in the valley
by the blue hill.
Years and years,
tried the little bird,
to escape the clock
and time within.
On a warm summer evening,
when the clock struck five,
came out the little bird,
like all the other hours,
and out she flew,
flapping her wings,
through the large window
into the blue sky
into the timeless land.
Here I am,
on a warm summer evening,
trying to break the wall,
of what’s called real,
to join the little bird.

9. A mother

A hungry infant cried somewhere,
a starving mother weeped,
alone she was,
with a world against her.
They ordered and she obeyed,
They wouldn’t last
another night.
Muffled voices of child was heard
as the pro-life humans
drank bright red wine
in victory of the prosecution they did.
Stories were told
of the heartless mother
why would she do that?
No one told,
story of a woman
who had no choice
as another cry was heard.