The Long and Winding Trail

t began in the year nineteen hundred and twenty,
With many Indian tribes working just to earn a penny.
They set up their tee-pee homes,
And let the sheep, cow, and buffalo roam.
But then one terrible day,
The government forced them away,
From the lives they had lived everyday.

This is what started the tribes hard trip,
Down a long and winding trail they whipped.
Across the timbered hills and open prairies they went,
Marching through the flat wilderment,
Through the green grass and open spaces they progressed,
As the tribes were very depressed.
However, they could not stop for a long rest.

As the tribes endured the long hard struggle,
With many lives lost during the hard, cold, frost,
The tribes’ faith and hope were never lost.
During difficult times, tribes turned to each other,
To love help, and support one another,
Suddenly, a breeze blew through the trees,
As they marched down the trail, it put them at ease.

Many people put up a brave front,
As they searched for deer and elk to hunt,
But many others continued to fight,
To the surviving children, this was a fright.
For they did not understand,
When they watched a common man,
Die right before their eyes on fruitless land.

Over time, the journey did pay off,
Out west they cleared land, and built the haylofts.
A whole new world where livestock was plentiful,
Churches were built to confess acts that were sinful.
Schools were built to make the children’s future bright.
it was a time when people chased the impossible dream,
And, they worked together as a team,
To make glory and hope the promised end,
Of a Long and Winding Trail, my friend



One young lady from perth,
Had decided to travel the earth,
But she did not have a car,
So she couldn’t get very far,
And had to stay on her own turf.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, what do I see?
I see a blue eyed infant,
Gazing intently at me.
A lively being full of love and grace,
The innocent smile is unmistakable,
Yet, never leaves his angel like face.

Mirror, Mirror, What do I see?
I see an adventurous toddler,
Looking back at me.
A curious soul, testing his limits,
The word no is simply misunderstood,
Yet, he is shy and timid.

Mirror, Mirror, What do I see?
I see an active preschooler,
Seriously watching me.
Life is a question mark Why?
A wondrous world we live in,
Can only be explained with a sigh.

Mirror, Mirror, What do I see?
I see a mischievous child,
Glancing back at me.
Tasks were done without fear,
New beginnings were a challenge,
But, he never once shed a tear.

Mirror, Mirror, What do I see?
I see an outstanding teen,
Staring directly at me.
He is involved in school and sports,
While greatly caring about others,
On and off the golf course.

Mirror, Mirror, What do I see?
I see a proud graduate
Looking back at me.
As Bryan walks across the stage,
On this day, May 13, 2005,
He recieves a diploma and embarks on minimum wage.


Cherokee Moonlight

As a hot Indian summer’s day winds down,
giving away to the cool, dark, evening,
A fair Indian maiden can see shadows,
Dancing in the Cherokee Moonlight.

As she sits in her room,
Gazing wishfully outside,
She sees shadows fall,
On the Cherokee Moonlight.

Looking at the Cherokee Moon,
In the clear, dark night,
She thinks about meeting her warrior,
Walking under the Cherokee Moonlight.

Watching the bright stars,
Twinkle cheerfully about the night,
Giving out their lustrous light,
She sees magic of the Cherokee Moonlight.


If I could

If I could, I would wish away my handicap
Cerebral Palsy makes it hard to perform tasks
Normal activities that others take for granted
Often present many problems and challenges

If I could only make my right side strong
Life would be different, and not so hard
Driving anywhere, anytime could become a breeze
And, cooking meals would not be considered a chore

If I could use some proper household tools
My hair would not be so hard to manage
Outside work would become a snap
And, I could help my family more

But, as I ‘ve learned , this world is full of struggles
Although, disability has become an accepted word
Through constant family love and support
It is something I have striven to overcom

Springtime Magic

One clear, warm Sunday afternoon,
Just after a fresh April shower,
Befell on the quarter moon,
Pansies and lilies were in full bloom,
Producing a tall colorful flower.

As I sit on the rickety porch swing,
With an ice cold Pepsi in my hand,
A bluebird begins to softly sing,
So pleasantly his happy tune rings,
From Oklahoma all the way to Disneyland.

Then, two squriles scamper up a tree,
Chasing the black and gray kitten,
Who was trying to become free,
Of harmful insects such as bumblebees,
to avoid being violently bitten.

When slowly turning my head,
I see four excited children,
Their tiny faces a shade red,
Two playing tag, two lacing new Keds,
Hoping their fun doesn’t have to end.

This scene is by no means tragic,
It is only full of happy bliss,
Peace like this is what i wish,
For it’s hard for anyone to miss,
The glowing springtime magic.


The Book of Life



Imagine writing a book of life,
What would your chapters contain?
Will it be full of joy or strife,
Many unanswered questions remain.

Did you accomplish all of those goals,
Made by the tender age of twenty five?
Maybe one of your books got sold,
It is awfully good to be alive.

How did you raise a household?
By honest values and a firm loving hand,
Or listening to generations of stories told,
By family members who would understand.

Do you imagine life coming to an end?
Where do we go when we die?
Don’t worry-the Lord will be your friend,
He will lead you to the gates in the sky.

This is considered a beautiful place,
It is known as a heavenly paradise.
God has room for every kind of race,
Many people believe the territory is nice.

This is where some good people reside,
Yet, Heaven only exists in our dreams.
Until we can enter, the Lord will decide,
What your book of life really means.


Autumn Moonlight

Another day is slowly winding down,
As I walk outside not making a sound,
Colorful leaves are dancing in the trees,
Gently swaying in the cool autumn breeze.

The summer flowers are quickly whilting away,
Pansies and dasies will soon be a fad of yesterday,
Squirles and armodillos are scampering about,
Trying to escape a long summer drought.

The day is giving way into the night,
Shadows are dancing in the twilight,
An autumn moon descends in the dark,
In the distance, I can hear a dog bark.

Leaves rustle beneath my tired feet,
Oh, how the autumn air smells so sweet,
Watching the stars twinkle so bright,
I see magic of the autumn moonlight.


American Pride

It began on a sunny morn in September,
The 11th will be a day to remember;
Our lives have changed forever,
As this United Nation comes together.

This day started like any other,
I went shopping with my grandmother.
Others left for work; some went to school,
Where teachers tried to teach the Golden Rule.

Breaking news interrupted our daily routine,
We could hardly believe what was seen.
Two jets crashed into the World Trade Tower,
8:46 A.M. Central Time was the early hour.

Many people watched in horror and shock,
They also listened to the ticking wall clock.
When another plane crashed into the Pentagon,
It exploded in many pieces on the lawn.

The world came to a dead standstill,
As we searched our souls for goodwill.
No TV shows or music played that day,
People stood by America, come what may.

It was an emotional day for us all,
News anchors wept, but we will stand tall.
Search and rescue was a tedious task,
Yet, it left unanswered questions to ask.

Who committed this act of hatred and violence?
Americans should not have to face the silence.
Of loved ones that they will never see again,
This was an unspeakable act of sin.

Why did tragedy strike American soil?
I don’t know the answers, but remain loyal.
To a country that has shown great pride,
In honor of everyone that has died.

Now our solders are fighting back,
From this unthinkably awful attack.
Bombs have destroyed permanent structures,
Nevertheless, our hearts will not be ruptured.

As the fight for freedom rages on,
We realize all hope is not gone.
People often take for granted and forget,
Our American pride, an extraordinary gift.


A Seven Year old Prayer

Thank you for this day,
Thank you for the things you made,
Please watch over me as I lay,
Of the closet monster, I am afraid.

Thank you for the bright sun,
Bless the tall tree and swing,
For playing outside is so much fun,
Bless the bluebirds that sing.

Please bless my Daddy and Mommy,
Keep them safe from all things bad,
Watch over Suzi and little Tommy,
If anything happened, I would feel sad.

Lord, I have one thing to ask,
Please make everyone share,
It is a simple task,
To show everyone we care.

Please watch over my Nana in Heaven,
My mommy says it’s a good place,
Nana died at age eighty seven,
She is watching me now, a smile on her face.

Thank you Lord for being there,
And watching over animals too,
Please keep me in your prayers,
Thanks Lord for all that you do.


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