A Broken Heart

A heart that is broken can no longer beat the way it did before that first crack hit the surface

Best Friend

A best friend is one who knows just what you need

in times of need

without a single word spoken.

A best friend is one to try all they can,

over and over again

to try to fix what ever has you broken.

A best friend knows when to be selfless and put

the one they love in front.

One who knows when it is there own turn to weep

that same friend for them will hold the brunt.


Crystal Cases

Different poisons in crystal cases leave scars impossible to heal.

Hidden fears behind liquid curtains to cover up what you feel.

It hurts to much to remember.

It hurts just as much to forget.

Different poisons in crystal cases serves a lifetime glass of regret.


What Might Have Been

In another life you may have been the man I’ve always wanted.

In a time of shadowed trees and purple skies.

In a place before truth herself betrayed you

and doubt filled your every thought.

In a different world I could have been the queen

you wanted me to be.

Placed high upon a pedestal for all to see.

In a faded picture I gaze at your smile as my heart sinks

to ponder about just what might have been.

The Whisper

I wonder some times if you think of me

Of late nights intertwined in each other’s secrets

All our masks off and guards down.

The smell of you made me feel I was home.

The look in your eyes made me swear it was love.

That kind you read about in the classics.

That kind they sing about in oldies.

Walks in the soft purple rain holding hands.

Kisses that told me you were afraid of me.

I wanted to hear you whisper that you would miss me when I was gone.





My wishes all contain pieces of you.

Quiet strolls near sacred sidewalks

when I prayed to God for you.


My Rock

Blue sky’s cast cloudy

shadows on the concrete

that is your love. My rock.

Summer Bliss

Time for old Friends and fireflies

Tales of days back when and laughing eyes

Summer nights and swimming pools

Smiling wide and breaking rules

People we love and people we miss

Are here to celebrate this bliss.


I sit here inside this memory

surrounded by things I thought I knew.

Superman capes and detective eyeglasses

I never knew the secrets you kept.

Those dark shadows that lingered behind

you when you would go quiet and blank.

Today I heard the truth about your onyx past

I heard it in whispers at the corner coffee shop.

You’re background was far from an adventure movie

You’re childhood far from a Science Fiction.

I now admire you more than I ever did before

For the make believe family tree you had to create

In order to be the wonderful man you would become.