The Avalanche is just the Beginning, C


A peek.

To the top.

The view is amazing.

About to leap once more,

deeper into this fantasy.

Pan out ~ See how the Hawk C’s

Well grounded, yes, and Bliss.
Well rounded, maybe, it’s all opinion.

Trusting in self and those around.
Trusting each one to simply Be
this act is profound you see.

If you have doubts sent this way, please, turn that mirror around, and head the other way


sit down, observe and enjoy Your show.
Be mindful you are the hero of your own role.
Trusting you so got this, just like everyone else.
“This” however, is a perspective, so go easy on yourself.

(i. c. art)


Bla, bla, bla
never ending
words are wording
all the same things
so many
still so many not listening

these ears they hear, clearly
these eyes, they see, infinity
these hands, they touch and bring ease
these breaths, now come effortlessly


The You

Oh, but i can, and i will!
Between children and shills
between the daily care
of a home built from the bottom up

i can and i will!
Be this creator’s masterpiece.
If i do not do it, who is the creator of this dream?
Art, writings, published, so what
the fun, the memories, the able

since able, since driven, some desire, all stemming from a place;
this place of fire~why not?
Burning since very young, put out by a few.
Re-lit, rekindled, renewed.

If this simple i can do any of this,
You, my dear, can too,
AND find the bliss, among the You.


How much further~infinity

Void Sight~Knowing

Honor forms–to be breathing
This moment can be ever or~eluding

Encounter the Presence this is a preference
The Dark, Light both are~the heavens

Each thought, each movement, each stop
All paint the picture of the constant~oomph

Void of Any Thing

“Be the best version of yourself” it is said
Avoid the watered down version, others crave

Avoid dulling anything despite the observation ways

Avoid that negative talk that leaves one frozen in the situation
Avoid holding what is not yours to hold, in time, space, each moment.

It is said, “In nothingness, we are everything”

Currently a personal truth
In nothingness there is freedom

Nothing held~Nothing wished for, no labels—Poof~

Being nothing allows us to be whatever we want to be
At birth, this Is


Naked, One with everything
Open, honest – Mind, body, soul

Vulnerability, dependant for a bit, relying on


Gender, names, clothes, toys
All before we have a say, and then fun begins

The fun of navigation through this existence

This life full of creation that is limited to a perspective
This perspective is from the outside, and not yours to hold

It is no wonder, this is why so many do not know where to begin

Those strong enough, unwavering, will hold their inner selves-soul
The rest could take a moment and listen well

Trust brings many issues if we let it

Trust in another is interchanging and key
Allowing one to Be, just as they are, accepting

Allowing one to Be, corresponding without judgment, or bias

Allowing the unfolding of the miracle within
This part is much more fun than another self-perceived container.


I do not always rhyme while writing
but when I do there is a wonder, what drives this silly mind?

It is like Dr. Seuss on crack
the flow~it is unstoppable
when the soul is open~flowing

Baby steps they say, and one has to begin somewhere
Now~ a new day and the words come out how they come
allow All to flow~no holding back~have fun

This is the same in life right now
leaping, that one of faith
at the same time staying grounded

All of this is interesting, to say the least

believing we are enough
right where we sit

belief in the unseen
belief in you
belief in me

Belief in all that is Created
including you-
believe, it is free

The belief that you too are enough
just breathe,

Breathe through life’s moments
beginning with the start
you see You are a miracle and nothing short

Each day is a gift that is given
a “Present” as some say
what we do with each moment
makes a difference down the way

Each choice
each direction brings the next
Enjoy this Now forever, that is how we make time stop.


I don’t always take things personally, but when I do, I take a moment to face the why
Awareness is key you see and everything begins inside

Take notice, and take heed with love, with grace
One just might find they like the freedom in that space

Human Emotion

Millions of shadows from human emotion
dance upon a screen
able to be viewed
All one has to do is get quiet, observe, Be





A Moment Amplified

An echo of a moment amplified
remains for the rest of time
a moment
a thought
aren’t these enough?

Mere living, one thought
yes, mere living
and that is enough
to leave an imprint,
a ripple out.