Hour 9 – 2022 (an Original) ©️

Trigger Warning: trauma, loss, grief, depression.

5th hour blues,

Melancholic hues

of dread and doubt;


Nothing left to bemuse.

The silence echoes,

without cues.


Walking through the fog,

Shoes heavy with the sogg

of old soul’s yearning…


The promises of Greif

are the only constant

that keeps on churning.


2022, Hour 5 prompt

Prompt: a poem with chosen key words.

Cheddar cheese,

You and me,
With the wine glass
under our oak tree…

A secret little hardback

hides a gift
for thee —

One sunflower;
Bright with glee.

2022 Hour 3, prompt ©️

Magenta hue,

hope springs anew,

in fields of reverie

that blossom in glowing memory

of a love so true;


The promise of Hope,

and Healing

sweeps through.


Upon our Summer of Love,

and this meadow

for Two.

Hour 2 (2022) image – Above, the Beloved ©️

Trigger Warning – loss, death, greif

<image prompt response>


I watch you grow,

wondering if you know,

how proud I am

to see you glow.


The birds sing songs

to let you know,

My love is sent

As above,

So below.

I’m still here;

I’m free!

Please do not fear.


remember me,

with glee.


2022 Hour One – For the Love of Water ©️

To drown in you,

is rebirth



This Oasis,

forms the basis,

of strength and reverie.


As I sit near the water,

I pray you’ll remember me…


This love of water becomes a token,

Toward the call of Love,

of depths and passions left unspoken.


It’s that time, again! Hello and good luck, to all. My name is Heaven, but I use the pseudonym of “H.J” for writing and publications. It’s always a pleasure to be here and I’m thankful for another chance.

As always, there will be lots of vanilla coffee and snacks. This year, I’m also accompanied by “Link”, my service dog in training. I’ll be joining in from Canada! EST time zone.

Stay well and have fun, everyone 🥰🐾☕️☕️☕️☕️

A black-spotted Dalmatian puppy rests on a deep blue bed spread. His owner sits in her red wheelchair and grey sweater, to the left of the frame. Both are beaming up, toward the camera, as soft morning light fills the room.

©️ Final (Half) Hour: 2021/12 – Image Prompt


Blue flowers are fraught
with the memories and grievings of nought

A bittersweet cacophony
of endings and beginnings,

In Friendships,
and Weddings,
you’ll see me.

Forever crying;
but never sure
if from
from Glee!

2021: Hour 11 – Word prompt ©️

Your periwinkle eyes,
were focused like a needle
on the storefront window.

in that Summer gleam,
we made memories that seem
impossible to beat

When we ate sourdough,

And danced;
light as a cloud,
as we spread our joy
down that street.


2021: Hour Ten, image prompt.

— Using the image —
{TRIGGER WARNING: Resources below}


The Angel’s blue glow,
surrounds everything I know

And instills a feeling in my chest —
Sweet promises of safety
and rest.

And within the blue glow,
There’s a fire that I know;

Your soul is at its best.

The glow of Acceptance
brings peace to this empty Nest.

Resources for Grief
Global Crisis Lines

2021: Hour 9 – image prompt


Emotions swirl,
as my thoughts curl,
around the truth of you.

The night is long,
as my heart’s song,
beckons across this view.

I wish we were building fortresses anew,
and finding solace and reverie in two —

I float alone;
lost in sullen waves,

consumed by the
panoramic view.

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