Final Hour, 12/2023 – On Closets

12, Prompted:


A closet for me –

Age 12, 8, 14 and 3.

No hope,

No space to just “Be”.


Four walls,

Blocked doors,

A cocktail of norms;

No less than toxic…



It is mine;

Changing with time,

To a space,

Full of memory.


Grow through the floor,

Break down the door and you’re free.

Older now,

I step out and leave it all


Behind me.

Hour 11 – 2023, Half Marathon.

11 / 2023, Half – Unprompted.

Scrambled news,

My soul is bemused by your voice

& my heart,

Ecstatic of your choice.


You choose me;

Wild and free.

Glowing –

And transformed;



Beyond the pain,

Most could never see.


You chose my mosaic

And covered my life

With majesty.


We are,

A kaleidoscope

Of Ecstasy.

What Is Love? [Hour 10: 2023, Half Marathon] – Prompted


The root and bane of existence;

What is Love?…
Courage and persistence,
in the face of Resistance.

Blink and you’ll miss it
– some hold,
others wish it.

Love is Truth;
and Truth is Verity.
Love is the Star
– the guiding light of all Humanity.

Hour Nine – Word Prompts [Half, 2023]

Pick 5 words & use them in a poem…


I feel you;
your cinnamon skin
livened by a tremor
under my jacket,
As we huddle close to the bayou,
My heart flutters,
too –

Stirring on the lightbulb;
fresh tenderness –
Admitting that I fell for you.

Hour Eight (Half) – 2023

Hour 8 – Song and Image Prompt.
** Not using the title that’s given, but, same concept.

Music Choice: “Outnumbered, by Dermont Kennedy”

Holding lanterns for you,
pleading the stars to beckon you through,
Souls; transforming anew.

Cosmic bonds;
Yet never spoken.

Each gleaming light,
a token –
Out of reach

Though promising
Motivational feats.


Hour Seven – 2023

2023: Unprompted, Hour Six [TRIGGER WARNING].

Full of longing;
In search of a Belonging,

I hear voices beyond doors,
Not meant for me;

they call my name,
with glee.

Hope beckons a travesty;
Nothing but more “lessons” to learn,
as the last few pieces of my Soul are left
to Burn.

Flat Earth – Hour Six prompt [2023, Half].

Hour Six, with the Prompt: “The Earth is actually flat, describe what you see…”
*No religious or scientific offense is meant. This is fictional fun.

The vast expanse,
Echoes with the chance,
of new advance.

Promises of rebirth,
Usher in fresh mirth,
Across this new
Flat Earth.

No rolling hills to toss in,
No mountains to bear crosses in –
Only equity,
and opportunity,
to awash in.

Hour Five – 2023

5 / 2023 – Unprompted.
Half Marathon

Love on the cards,
and written in stars
Of Glory.

Each symbol
tells a story,
Each word be a token.

Tangible proof,
of courage that’s spoken;
of efforts awoken.

Hour Four – 2023

Using the Prompt: “write about marriage without a direct mention of the words…”
Thanks to Nancy! [2023: Hour Four, Half Marathon].


Dancing bouquet,
as Fate leads the way –

Together we sway,
toward the dawn of new days,
Our souls; embracing 

Joined in bliss;
Bonds of love,
Sealed with a kiss.

2023: Hour Three

Hour Three – Unprompted, 2023.

At 14, we held an assembly:
Our first meeting,
Burned into my memory.

& Childhood
and me,

Sat together as friends,
In a group of Three;

Wish I could tell her,
What we’ve grown to be.

Prayers and passions,
For the past that led to our union –

Connections and Resurrections;
A clean shot at blessed Communion.

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