As it is said of a Man’s journey (that he is always on a pilgrimage);

Wondering about the three basic things: food, clothing, and shelter.

At the beginning of the journey, his determination is so strong

That if his problems are high like Mount Everest there won’t have been a setback.

Along the way he made friends; some good others bad.

Did these change his thinking? Of course, it did.

Never in his life could he have found so much knowledge from such gatherings.

    Apart from humans, he made friends with animals too,

Some he drew close others he drew closer,

Some he turned their hides as coverings and dispersed.

As for his shelter, for a start, he slept on trees,

Then roadsides but as time moved on he got a roof for his head.

    Aside from this, he devoted time to his work releasing his energy unidirectionally.

Later, he became bored and sought out his friends.

    Alone he became, at his secret corner he felt a longing

So ripening,

Deep down in his heart, he hungers for a pure heart to fill his mind and soul.

Little did he know, he couldn’t get such even having married a beautiful fair damsel with a pure heart.

Although this gap was filled temporarily

As little offsprings came through.

He smiled at the joy on their faces.   

    At the fullness of time when his age has risen and journey deepening,

He realized there was no place like home.

He needs to return home.

    As do we all when the time comes.

We will return home soon or later.

Either alone, full, or with families.


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