Ode to the Brave Souls

To those who spend their days in warfare
To those who spend their night in shadows
Where sounds of bullets shield mortals life
Where death and pain fire with anguish and fear
Ringing like doorbells in the valley of death.
To those whose services were with and without
To those whose decisions were selflessly made
Where shells of valor stand in expression
Where roads of distress close in appreciation
Singing like melodies of the morning birds.
To those whose lives are to God
To those whose compassion is to Men
Where the Gospel of truth is placed in them as vessels
Where power was transferred as healing waters
Swaying like trees in the ocean breeze
Thank you, dear Soldiers
Thank you great ‘salters’
Thank you fear breakers
Thank you brave minded
To you
I say Thank you.
For restoring Law to order
For keeping our borders and waterways safe
For capturing terrorist fanatics crazed
For disarming evil wishes on the innocent race.
For the ones, we never knew by name
Yet you signed your life and aim
No words are sufficient to say,
Thank you.
God bless you.
In memory of our fallen soldiers and those who push for His Almighty and this country.

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