Poem 24


blossom in her eyes
sprout of kindness in her heart
the greenery inside her mind
and the vines that intertwine the soul of us

the seedling of hope in her dreams
and leaves of beauty on her skin
are fructified by the divine roots in her veins

a human with a thornless intention
in this life
may she have an everlasting blossom.

Poem 23

The Diary of a Young Girl

May you be reborn in another timeline where chaos does not exist

May you only be confined from being hurt and not for being free

May you be known for a book of love and not of sorrow

May you be reborn in a paradise and have an endless tomorrow

You are the perpetual mind my world needs today

Poem 22


I kissed
her mind and
an everflowing wisdom
coursed under
my skin

It reached
my soul and the
tenderness spread

Too magical
to be real
so rare
and mesmerizing

In a world of lies
and illusion
she’s an enchantress
of hypnotizing

Poem 21

her mind is
a mystic umbrella
protecting my soul from the
my past.

Poem 19

Take me to a city that never sleeps
Let’s walk the pavements and drop our loneliness along the way
Let’s sit on a bench illuminated by streetlights, not by stars
Let’s scream our woes to the moon

Take me to a city where it is allowed to weep

Poem 18

joy is
when someone kisses
your soul
using a sequence of
exquisite words.

Poem 17

He slept and met an angel in his dreams
“I used to be with you, until you threw away the thoughts.”
Words he didn’t understood.

He woke up and almost fainted seeing a golemn in his room
“You created me only to leave me in the void.”
Scared and confused he ran outside the door.

And there he’d seen a peculiar world
Everything is monotonous drawings in paper

And there she met a girl, a girl he recognized
“this world was beautiful until you forgotten our story.”

He collapsed his knees to the ground
For these creatures he felt sorry

But he never knew how to start
Cause his mind has fallen apart
Anchored by his mindless heart.

Poem 16

 die young

time flows in unstoppable course
my rebellious mind is being swept away
if I want to live in the past or stay here in the present
how would I evade the future?

Poem 15

his mind
drools over a deep
conversation full
of meaning and

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