Hour 14


I prefer the bland ones, the incredibly sweet ones
The cream buns, the Swedish-style saffron buns
The ones that crack and snap and the ones that stretch for miles
Lightly baked crackers or even the seemingly vile
Food is all food to me
The slightly burned ones, the incredibly tangy
The deep fried chicken in unbelievable flavorful harmony
The most aromatic ones to the strictly appetizing
Inedible-y delicious cake dough and the golden crust rising
Food is all food to me

Hour 13

A difference

Graze upon wisdom, feast on prudence
And gather vows of condolence
Diminish differently sought understanding
And answer desires demanding
When difference sprouts here in
Defy all rules, betray all kin
And restore again your reign mighty
And let your words be known rightly
You know not yet for there is a time to come
To come is a time, shattering the will of some
Where the wind will change routes
And the wait will bear sweet, sweet fruits
Where time shall stay and observe
As war replaces what you deserve
Where the difference will strike such indifference
And the wise will defy admittance
They will surge and flee, fight and loose
For time will bring a victor to choose
A difference will bring the refuge sought
And thoughts unnoticed will form a noticed thought
And all because a difference rebelled insurgent
And fought all, challenged all, to be different.

Hour 12


To move is to change
Change one’s mind and how its arranged
So move to what inspires
Move to lost desires
Move away from what shatters
Your heart, though it flatters
Your mind, your soul, your heart must all move
To let bring change for the better; improve

Hour 11

O Sparrow

O sparrow, dear love, where to today?
Gliding on the wind, its gentle sway
To find bliss unreasonable today?
To gather freedom and away
O sparrow, dear love, where to today?
To find love unconditional do say

Your ways, dear sparrow, create envy unsaid
I have also a desire but for these traditions unread

Hour 10


It is said of those soaring high
They’ve been cursed up to the sky
‘What curse?’ I wondered
‘How so?’ I pondered
Freedom is too erroneous a desire
That poet, his prophet is a liar
They said the answer was one
And questions none
It is justified, the way of life here below
However, my understanding was rather slow
‘How long below?’ I wondered
‘Why below?’ I pondered
Satisfaction was what my mind knew not
Their suspicions grew at my mind wrought
They instilled fear as I stared above
And those up high looked down with love
‘Looked down!’ the dignified cried
‘They are cursed, not to be envied’ they lied

Hour 9

Demon in love

Oh my! My lord! Dear God! Such blasphemy!
Demon in love: in love with me?
It cannot be, let not one soul know
Such arrogance! He thinks his love will grow?
Grow what it may, what sprouts in the dark
My heart is mine; he shall leave not his mark
But what must I do, I am vulnerable
Love is a disease hardly curable
Demon or human, love hardly saw the difference
For it may bring the demon in man and bless the demon with a diffidence


Hour 8

We Need

We need more birds soaring the sky
We need new bounds to define high
We need no battles to spread our cry
We need a mere humble try
We need less dreams to die
We need a greater heard sigh
We need a humility that would fly

Hour 7

The Sun in my Eye

Radiant rays slide silently through
All sensations of warmth running anew
Piercing the shadows dark and cold
Stands its path proud and bold
Reaching to alight all in its way
Flickers of gold dance through its elegant sway
Lightly, gently caressing me
A sea of intense passions running free
Lifting my spirits in gleeful servitude
Fighting my shadows unaware of its magnitude
Yet too soon it leaves to continue
Lighting the life of a friend new
And I wait another day
For the sun in my eye

Hour 6

I hold in my hand
I hold in my hand the essence of all life
It runs in my veins, what could end all strife
But I close my eyes to the simplicity of truth
and disguise the birth of life in tarnished youth

Hour 5

I am Grief
I am grief, forever grieving
Desolate, unwanted, but of course, mischieving
Born to Fate and misery
My job is vocationally dreary
I will grow and cause uproar
I will let your fears upsoar
But I am not entirely to blame
You give me all my fame