Hour One

The people are hungry for the end of the world
Eager for revolution and rapture
Like a culture of craven, ravenous wolves
Ever poised on the brink of disaster

Perhaps its a remnant of some darker time
Which calls to us from across the ages
A reminder that the annuls of time
Are written on hearts and not on pages

All great empires are destined to fall
I assure you, ours, too, will surely crumble
Indeed, all great towers are right to tremble
When the fragile earth begins to rumble

Still, our end remains imminent
Pressing on us from all sides
Powerless to change our incumbent fate
Such is the ebb and flow of tides

Is it some specious impulse
An obligation otherwise repressed
Save for the artistically induced hum
Of our collective consciousness

Seek the end but don’t force it
All of this is finite in virtue and form
Never forget that we are but visitors here
For no one survives the storm

Another Year of Marathoning

This will be my 4th or 5th marathon and I am pumped. Over the years I have pushed out some really good poems, as well as some really not-so-good poems, but its a matter of accomplishment for me, not about perfection. To all the newcomers, welcome! To all the returning poets, welcome back! Looking forward to another exciting writing experience with my fellow poets! Thank you for allowing me to participate and share this journey with you all.



& Cowards
Build An Empire
Watch It Fall
Twin Towers
9/11 Was An Inside Job


I found solace in the silence of that now hallowed place where he had departed from me. It was that very silence which kept me there, lingering like petrichor. It was as though I had been clinging to the very absence of his breath as though I might fall from the heights of some great ledge that was, only mere moments ago, his person.

Locked Out

Picture a world where misogyny wasn’t marketable,
patriarchy wasn’t profitable,
and one in which sexism didn’t sell.

Where dollars didn’t buy democracy,
corporations couldn’t control,
and where freedom truly is too big to fail.

Imagine a world in which classism wasn’t characteristic,
equality of outcome didn’t oppose the opportunistic,
and success wasn’t measured on a sliding scale.

Yes, envision a world where unity didn’t usurp,
wealth wasn’t the measure of one’s worth,
and where every attempt at avarice carried out to no avail.

in the throes of slumber

so fucking top heavy head in the clouds of white satin murderous venom plight and heaven’s crown
raising rising satirical revising complying multiplying living lying then you’re dying covered faces fearless places communities all or nothing immunities cotton candy collusion sinister solution revised to callousness and conclusions contrary the confusions implied by counteractive intrusions constitutional contusions echoing forceful revolutions evolutionary substitutions terrifying institutions towers falling and blood boils toils plague and flood ravenous mourning shaking and mud vengeance virtue valiance quite dead draw back the curtain saved for his head

Higher, Ever Higher

Ever higher
My gaze rises
High above verdant treetops
Above triumphant mountain peaks
Vaults the punctured backdrop
Ever expanding
Universe exhaling
Ever faster
Ever higher
Zenith and beyond
Eternity unfolding
Eternally resounding
The great remnant called apocalypse

Poo Kitty

New kitty, poo kitty
Poo, poo, poo
Don’t play in poo kitty
Eww, kitty, eww
You kitty, poo kitty
No, no, no
Icky kitty, city kitty
Out you go!

Munchkins Move

Look, little witch
You can’t fuss with me
If you wanted to
These enchanted
These is red bottoms
These is Dorothy shoes
I can’t hit em both
I don’t wanna choose
And I’m quick
To drench a witch
So don’t get comfortable
I hate song and dance
I make munchkins move
All this song and dance
Those feathered monkeys flew
If you’re on that yellow street
I might just drop a house on you
Queen of Oz
I’m a lurker, witch
I wear ruby shoes

I am

I am vapid
I am vain
I am pleasure
I am pain
I am salvation
I am disdain
I am the bounty
I am the bane
I am corrosive
I am inane
I am possessive
I am the rain
I am delirious
I am insane
I am a nobody
And you are to blame

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