Dancing (Half-marathon #2)

I feel the Vibration

Of bass and tamber echo

Through my bones

As I breathe in breaths of

Pink moscato.

With curtains open,

Open wide like blue

Caffeinated eyes,

The world can see us


Bare-legged and laughing.

There are passing eyes

Moving with the passing lights

Beneath the technicolor

That washes against the pavement,

But all I can feel

Is the smiling eyes

Of the moon.

She watches her



Daughters dance their way

Into the early dawn.


Poetry half marathon: Poem # 1

The sound of coffee


Music raining down

From a darkened stormy


I watch the clouds grow

And then edge their way


To the Ceramic perimeter.

They fade away and


The rich, black

New moon.

A new moon

For a new day.



I’m Alyssa, a current English writing and literature major and art minor at the University of New Haven in West Haven, CT. I’ll be participating in the poetry half-marathon tomorrow. I’ll be drinking coffee and writing all day 🙂