11 – The Cats In The Yard

The cats in the yard sleep in the sun, stretched out where everyone can see.

The cats in the yard climb on cars and chase bugs across the parking lot, without a second guess.

The cats in the yard move through their world with complete volition. They take up space and they don’t give a damn.

Meanwhile, I can’t even sit down without questioning if I’m even entitled to sit here. I curl myself into corners and hope that no one notices.

10 – Stop Serving The Spoiled And Spiteful

Curse the saint who shares with the ungrateful, and damn the monk who gives without reconciliation

While I love all that I have, it is hard to forget that I am poor in many ways.

I am happy and hungry, lonely and loving, and it saddens me that

There are some people who take everything for granted. The same everything that I cherish.


Some people have so many blessings that they forget to keep count.

Give those people love. Don’t give them more things to own.

9 – The Green Witch

Her window was lined with glass bottles, filled to the brim with the most whimsical treasures

Potions, tinctures, dead things, growing things, cultivated by the heat of the day and settled with the cool of night

Garden herbs garnish each of her dishes. Beneath the kitchen door seeps the sweet scent of incense; a mask of the steaming porridge grains

Upon her thatched cottage roof, we are lulled into lethargy by the hum of a thousand fireflies

I squint, so that between my lashes, the treeline seems ablaze


What a wonderfully strange life she leads…


8 – A Stranger In The Market With Curly Blonde Hair

A beautiful stranger. A smile.


That is how I lose my balance and stumble like a child in hand-me-down sneakers,

Certainly wanting what isn’t mine and secretly setting you aside to ponder,

So distantly dear… Stir me up with silver-lined sonder

7 – Earth, Nothing More

Passing clouds, carry

me to ancient lands, where the

Earth is still and free


Where, in my silence,

I find purity and peace.

That is where I rest.

6 – How To Spend Today; A Song

Waking up to watch the sunrise on the mountain,

With my blanket wrapped around me tight, and a thermos to hold

Playing music for the people gathered ’round to watch the planet turning

Endless reasons to sing


Some moments live as long as my heart beats

I will keep this memory with me


Share a smile, share a story, share your time

We can chase each other through the woods and find a sturdy tree to climb

From up here, my weary world and all it’s problems disappear


Some moments live as long as my heart beats

I will keep this memory with me


5 – Light Falls On Her

As she stands beneath the trees,
Dancing with the sunshine that falls through the leaves,
Facing the north, so that the left side of her body catches golden fire in the evening glow,
I am reminded:

The beauty of light would be lost without shadows



4 – Plight of the Sparrow; A Song

What will it take to show the world that I’m worth keeping?

Burn in the waste of all the time you spent, your precious moments

Unfold into me

I’ll be your muse, I’ll be your effigy

If only for one passing phase

I’ll stay until the skies change


Who tasted the moon and so carelessly called it honey?

I fear I have worn my welcome

I fear y̶o̶u̶’̶v̶e̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶ ̶m̶u̶c̶h̶ you’ve seen enough of me


What if your love for me turned bitter by the morning?

A gentle caress could twist and break my hollow bones at moment’s notice

I’m drifting with the shifting winds

Your hurricane is threatening to break my wings

Your heavy breath draws me in

3 – To Be Up Before The Sun

To be up before the sun
To see the dawn of day
To wade in the murky sea of night
To watch it dry away

To sketch the silhouettes of trees
To paint the gradient sky
To be up before the sun
To see the stars outshined