Becouse thats the time to breathin

You can create a wall for rapunzel,

You can let her in for long.

But she will find a way to go,

Where the mother she belong.

She go outside and she win,

Becouse thats the time to breathin.






                       as far as I see me,

Bright sunshine and nature’s beauty,

The world so beautiful to see,

Outside the room and Yes with sight that is free.



I covered the pain I didn’t thought of I got,

Yes I m strong enough to hold.

I have never asked anybody to make me feel special,

As I know nobody stay so long whom I told.

Yes sometimes emotion makes me breath less,

And I prented my nose is red because of cold.

Yes I m proud of being self obsessed,

As my attitude is known for being bold.


Sorry you don’t give me right choice,

Sorry no one heard that screaming voice.

This is the my way to walk along,

Who the hell you to stop me and said am wrong.

Never heard a feeling so strong,

But yet lastly I have no one to walk along.


My deeds which I did,

Required a strenght to read .

As in time,

Is the nicest crime 

I attempted to fail, is to love avail

To connect with someone and be in jail.

My first post

  1. Hello, everybody m using this platform to show my talent for the first time in half marathon 2017 . I would love express my poetry feelings within people like me.