Shylo dear shylo, my little spark of joy, your
Heart is so gentle and mild
Your bark is so sweet and when you
Look up, your eyes light up—in greeting
Oh Shylo dear, my friend

Hello Fellow Marathoners 2021

Hello Everyone,

My name’s Ana Marie and this is my 2nd venture into the Half Marathon. I go by AMANA in the Poetry Marathon. I can say that I’m thrilled to be writing with you all again, and counting the days until D-day. I know that this is no easy feat but I am looking forward to enjoying it as much as I can, focusing really hard on the task at hand, finishing the journey to the end and coming up with a collection for publishing into a chapbook, hopefully. At the moment you can find some of my writing at


Again, thank you so much for having me! What can I say, I’m glad to be back 🙂

Hello Everyone 2020

Hello everyone! I’m Ana Marie, and it’s my first time joining The Poetry Marathon from the Philippines. Thanks to Jacob and Caitlin.

Thrilled as I am to be part of this exciting event I hope that things will run smoothly on the day itself, and look forward to completing the Second Half Marathon.

I enjoyed giving life to my poetry in Friday Flash Fiction and recently In Three Line Poetry in addition to The Collective Journalblog, which I maintain, moreover I would like to be inspired in breathing new life into fresh poetry.

I know that this exercise is going to be a challenging one, but I am looking forward to enjoying the task and learning from this experience. I’m glad to be writing with you all. Let’s get creative and craft away.