Ten Years Ago – Prompt Two

Presidents come and go

some make lasting impressions,

others make lasting change. 

I want to make change 

to bring light to

the plight of the world. 

To speak Mother Earth’s words

in a language all can understand,

all can absorb. 

Using my time and resources

to shout at the world,


Mother Earth is angry.

Just as this President 

has left a distinct image, albeit one 

of disrespect and subterfuge, I will use my words to create understanding. 

Cloak of History – Prompt One

Opening ceremony so many new faces 

     so few old and recognizable ones. 

The past rushing forward

     slamming into us with a vengeance. 

This is how she found us 

     “the past draped about us like a cloak.” (after Diana Khoi Nguyen)

Come, come and join,

     the future begs of us,

     tantalizes us

Do not fears us, rejoice in what was

     and what will be.  

Receive this cloak of history,

Wear it – and remember. 

Sleep (Hour 24)

Sleep is coming

Sleep is near

Sleep is winning

Sleep I must

Goodnight I say 

Good night 

I sleep 

A Shiver of Light – A Merry Gentry Novel (Hour 23)

Purple eggs laid on large fern leaves

Sunlight dapples across their shells

Tiny wings of gossamer gold

Emerge just right, just when they’re told

When the sun is high and the sky is blue

Little fairies chip through

Fragile shells of porcelain

Broken through by dorsal fins

Into this world of black and white

They call to me with joyful voices

Happy to see me they are

I could never traverse too far

One, two, three and four

five, six, seven, eight

Oh my, two more and we have ten

Wherever will we put them and when

Come my children, let us fly

Through these woods and to the hills

There you will find the pink unicorns

I assure you they are quite norm

We circle, we glide upon a rainbow cloud

See how the turtle shells glow

and the robins egg sounds

Look there and you will see 

Our beautiful home, waiting for you and for me

So when next you see upon the ground

Purple spheres with no known name

Place them carefully back upon the stem

So they will come back and stay with you again

Tender Touches (Hour 22)

The touch of a feather

across a baby’s cheek

Your fingers so lovingly 

stroke the curls of my hair  

A kittens soft mewl

brings mother cat there

licking her kit 

with tenderness and care

To show a true love

to form a strong bond

Remember to touch and 

you’ll never go wrong

The Almond Umbrella Tree (Hour 21)

Beauty beyond compare

it’s fruit delicious and very rare 

There’s only one like this you’ll see

planted right there – just for me

From whence it came 

I haven’t a clue

Wait until you see it

fully in bloom

Almonds they fall

down from a branch 

umbrella’s attached 

to bright underpants 

Echo Husband (Hour 20)

When I was young 

so very young you see

I could not wait to get married 

to a man who would love me

Not a beauty nor shapely 

at least not that I could see

But still in my heart

I wanted someone to love me

At last when I found him

and took him to ground

I thought he was happy

that I too had been found

Along came a child

a girl pretty and tall 

Next a round boy

that following Fall

It started before then

but I never had noticed

The very late hours 

he flew to Tuamotus

More frequently than not

he’d call on the phone

Reminding me again

he’d not be coming home 

The man I had married

the man I had loved

Now an echo a memory 

with someone else that he loves

Southport Glee (Hour 19)

A little sea port town

sitting right on the coast 

there’s so many sites 

I can’t help now but boast 

The houses are grand 

far grander than most 

I could never imagine 

being one of their hosts 

I’d never complain no not at all

My little abode’s a gem with ease 

My flowers are bright and dance 

with my trees in the breeze 

I hope you will visit

I hope you will come

see my home and my place

very happy ‘neath the sun

Lost and Found (Hour 18)

I found you that day

standing there all alone

Quite sure that no one

would ever take you home 

You withered and wilted 

having given up all hope

The last of your kind

lost abandoned no rope 

Then along came me

and spotted you there

Thinking how lovely it’d be

having you near my chair 

So I paid the kind lady 

left her shaking her head 

Wondering why I would buy 

a tree that was basically dead 

But I knew that day

with water and care 

The joy you would bring me

by just being there

Behind Glass (Hour 17)

They stand there and stare

and make weird silly faces

Knock on my walls 

putting me though their paces 

Hairy and stout ones

they come by in crowds

Tall ones and short ones

Most vulgar and loud


Sometimes they throw money

pennies bouncing in-mass 

Laughing and jeering at me 

Ugly human now held behind glass