Death came upon us

When we were least suspect

And left the rest of us

With nothing but regret

Regret we didn’t say the things

We really ought to say

But now it’s all too late

To say them anyway

We miss not having you around

We think of you each day

We just don’t understand

Why you went away

If we had one more chance

To say three simple words

Like “I love you or I need you”

But now it seems absurd

Because you left us in your prime

And chose to end it all

Who said that we were finished

We didn’t make that call

Im hurting deep inside today

The pain won’t go away

Can’t we start all over?

Won’t you choose to stay?


If dreams came true

And prayers were answered

And peace reigned in every home

If mama’s and dad’s

Could love their children

And never leave them alone

If there were no bullies

And kindness prevailed

And love could be found for free

And happiness conquered

In everyone’s lives

Imagine a world that would be

Today I’ll Walk

Today I’ll walk with meekness

I will find strength in humility

I will put my best foot forward

And be the best that I can be

I will not linger in the negative

I will stand tall and walk with pride

Knowing that my Father in heaven

Walks daily by my side

A brother or sister

Whom ever they may be

May need a helping hand

So make sure you let them see

The Grace of God that leads you

And helps you get back up

When all else has failed you

And you’ve drank the bitter cup

It’s by example and true love

For one another, gets us through

Today I will walk with tenderness

And hope that you do too



The World Today

I hope to do good in the world today

To be someone’s helping hand

Bring joy to the weary

And love to the lonely

May blessings flow like the sand

I hope to do good in the world today

To do what God wants me to do

Let peace reign today

As I find my way

I prays that it seeks you out too

What’s in a Name

We use God’s name

Like a 4 lettered word

Whether He is real to you

It still sounds absurd

To call on a God

Just joking around

It gets His attention

He hears every sound

If you are an Agnostic

Or believers in the Christ

Believe in an afterlife

Or whatever your tryst

To call on a God

What ere your belief

Should be for your comfort

Your solace, relief

When “oh my God”

Is used ere so lightly

It so goes against

A belief I hold tightly

That whatever you feel

About “God” and His “name”

Whoever your God

It still is the same

So let’s not tarnish

Our own Deity

By using His name


To Be Happy

Oh to be happy

To feel open and free

To be on top of the world

Silver linings decree

Oh to be happy

And know only bliss

To walk with faith, blindly

To trust lovers kiss

Oh to be happy

No heartache to bear

To feel cupid’s arrow

And love that is fair


I’m not mean to you

But I can be mean to you

I don’t want to be mean to you

But I will be mean to you

Don’t make me be mean to you

So I don’t have to be mean to you

I know I’m mean to you

Because of what I mean to you

Still Living

Don’t think of him as gone away

His journey’s just begun

Life holds so many facets

This Earth is only one

Just think of him as resting

From the sorrows and the tears

In a place of warmth and comfort

Where there are no days or years

Think how he must be wishing

That we could know today

That nothing but our sadness

Can really pass away

And think of him as living

In the hearts of those he’s touched

For nothing loved is never lost

And he was loved so much (more…)

I Am

I am an innocent, loved for my beauty

And punished for my ignorance of it

I am a child mother

A widow too young

I am a survivor

Of cancer and brutal lovers hands

I am comfort to those who use me

I am tormented for my purity

I am a woman who is misinterpreted,

Maladjusted, mislead, misinformed

I am one who is forced into silence

Into denial of my own intelligence

I am lonesome but not lonely

I am a lover of my strengths,

My conquered battles,

My abilities, my scars, my brokenness,

My shattered heart, my forgotten dreams

I am me

I am all of me

I am


The brisk feeling that you have

On a beautiful autumn day

When all the leaves are turning

And the trees are in full sway

The welcome in your heart

For new love and giddy smile

Has wrapped itself around you

And settles in for a while

The gentle spray of dew

That lays upon the ground

Captures all the snapshots

Of the colors all around

If we could only harness

The beauty of it all

We could wake up everyday

And live our lives in Fall

How glorious and lovely

The days I’d spend with you

We’d romp in piles of nature

And breathe the fresh air too

How wonderful and fulfilling

This time of year bequeaths

The dawn before the winter

Your heart is truly seized