Money for nothing

When you love what you do
It’s like money for nothing.
Getting paid
To go each day
To a job that gives life purpose.

That job for me, for years,
Was stringing words together.
Editing sports
Turning daily events into stories.

I’m writing a new story now.
I haven’t mapped its ending.
But words
But stories
Always my first love.

Nature poem set in city

So much gray.
Light gray cement
of sidewalks;
Darker gray rivers
of pavement
form the streets.

Shining dark gray glass
rising toward the skies
on buildings paying
to the cities
that birthed them.

Gray smog
hanging in the air.
Grey tree trunks
marching ever in
straight lines.

Even the pigeons
wear gray.

But what here?
A cheerful dab
of sunshine
bobs its head
above the ground.

Until it, too
and fades to whispers
on the wind.


Blue whale

I wonder
if the blue whale
ever tires
of swimming?

Doe she
gaze upon
the land and
wonder who lives there?

I wonder
if the blue whale
thinks about
her prey?

Doe she
consider krill
and ever wish
to let them live?

I wonder
if the blue whale
looks in vain
for someone bigger?

Doe she
ever search
the deep dark sea
for a giant more than she?

I wonder
if the blue whale
enjoys prose
or poetry?

Doe she
muse or think
in meter?
Or in free verse just like me?

Do I dare?

I have always wanted
To mount my handsome steed
And gallop, hell-for-leather.
Do I dare?

I have always wanted
To slip confidently behind the wheel
And press the pedal to the floor.
Do I dare?

I have always wanted
To don an extravehicular mobility unit
And rocket around the earth.
Do I dare?

I have always wanted
To claim the crown of Helios
And race a golden chariot through the azure sky.
Do I dare?

I have always wanted
To swathe myself in your love
And immerse us both in bliss.
Do I dare?

Epistolary poem

To my indestructible little friend,
This will surely find you well.
Your resilience does you credit,
But are you happy, do pray tell?
Sure, you survive inside volcanoes,
And you thrive, tho’ lost in space,
But can you find a smidge of joy
In such a hostile place?
I’ve heard you can keep living
For three decades without food.
Again, I ask, dear Tardigrade,
Doesn’t this impair your mood?
You’re tough, and quite tenacious,
I really am impressed.
But, Water Bear, you surely wish
That you might suffer less!

RAIN (acrostic)

Relentless in its onslaught,
Amaranthine, without cease,
Incessant, ever pouring–
Noah, lend your expertise!

(We’ve had an awful lot of rain in Pennsylvania lately!)


Darkness is not nothingness,
The two are not the same,
It’s just you didn’t see us
Before the daylight came.

In inky black, the orca romped,
The crows took up their flight.
Stealth ninja rat snakes hunted mice,
Sleek panthers ruled the night.

The sun revealed our presence,
In light, we came to be
Tied irrevocably to darkness.
We’ll never more roam free.

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